My best friend Jason just did an interview for with Brian. He brought up how busy I am with work and how I haven't been on this board. Brian wanted me to stop by and say hello. I’m glad he said that. I haven’t talked to Bendis since he wrote “TAINT!” on a commissioned piece that Oeming and Mack did for me! I haven't been on the board in like...a year...maybe a year and a half!


I'm been through all incarnations of the board and use to participate A LOT! I hope to make more appearances now. Jason keeps telling me I need to try my hand at free lance writing for or Wizard. If my day job lets up I just may.
Has anyone here ever taken on a lot more responsibility at work and, as a result, had less time to do the things you love? I bet the answer is 99% YES for all those here above the age of 25. The 1%? Comic Pros. That's why I need to change fields.

My job now is safe and earns me more money then I deserve. I think everyone has the decision to make (whether they realize it or not) to play it safe or go for the dream.

It always comes to “shit or get off the pot”. I read my comics on the pot though…

Anyways, how’s it going everyone?