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01-04-2007, 10:51 AM
Civil War #6 - Fucking awesome. Not as actioned packed as I thought but it lead to something really fucking cool.

JLA #4&5 - I'm loving this book, lots of cool stuff happening. Grundy is bad ass. Looking Forward to the JSA/JLA crossover.

Ant-Man #3&4 - Funny stuff and great art. I love the way Kirkman is building this story and going back and forth between now and the past.

Criminal #3 - I need to read this as a whole acr when it's all published but I love it. The ending was fantastic.

Y #52 - Just a couple issues left. I'm so sad. Glad the next story arc is going to have Yorick and Beth together finally.

ASX #19 - Not the best issue, but still good. The part where Colossos told a joke was great.

New Avengers #26 - I liked it up until the end. I don't know what the fuck happened.

01-04-2007, 10:58 AM
I got my DCBS order for December so I read some of them last night. so far what I read was:

NA: Illuminati - great read. I was expecting quite a bit and it surpased expectations. The action moved along quite nicely. I am not a big fan of Bendis' over the top action, but this pulled it off nicely. I was going to pass on Mighty Avengers, but I will probably give it atry based on how good this was.

DD for decemeber - Nice little read. Quality as usual. Nice turn of events. I am ready for some more action like in the first arc, though.

Sensational Spidey - This title has been awesome, but this issue was a little slow. I am not digging the women of Peter's life arc too much. It was ok, but not anything to write home to momma about.

01-04-2007, 11:53 AM
Civil War #6: Good read and enjoyed the art.

Superman Confidential: Love Tim Sale and enjoying the book.

Amazing Spiderman: Pretty good and looking forward to a non cop out ending, hopefully.

GI Joe/Transformers: Decent artwork and love the nostalgia.

Ryan F
01-04-2007, 12:14 PM
Civil War #6 - My store's allocation filled the savers at least. Basically a set-up for a big concluding fight, but a really great set-up nonetheless. The Initiative is a pretty cool idea, and Millar is great at the geniuses-making-superheroes bit (he also did it well in Ultimates). It becomes clearer with every issue that McNiven is the real draw - every panel is gorgeous. 9/10

Civil War: Frontline #10 gets shakier and shakier as far as I'm concerned. I really hope they don't take the Embedded story where it looks like they're taking it - it pretty much negates the central moral conflict of all of CW. The Speedball stuff is well-done for what it is. But, it goes way too far into dark and brooding territory; he's turned into one of those crap early-90s heroes. 6/10

Amazing Spider-man #537 - Another solid issue from ASM in CW - only New Avengers and Captain America's CW cross-overs were nearly as good, and neither felt as essential. Cap gets a great scene. There are timeline issues, but oh well... 9/10

Punisher: War Journal #2 - Olivetti's art is fantastic; this book doesn't even need a decent writer. Fraction is a great one though, and here he continues to give us a very fun and original take on the Punisher that has me interested in the character as more than just a foil for other heroes for the first time ever. 9/10

Uncanny X-Men #482 - Any year-long story is bound to lose momentum at some point, and Bru's space-opera X-Men arc seems to be at that point now. I found myself not caring a whole lot, but I do have faith that things will pick up again for the last act; it seems like most of the pieces are finally in place. Darwin is one of the best new characters of the century so far. 7/10

Hulk #102 - And this year+ -long story finally gets out of its slump. A really fun and gigantic action issue that finally gives us the climax of the overly-long rebellion storyline. The developments at the end set-up some really interesting stuff - Hulk has really taken a turn, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Pak goes with this in the next year. 8/10

Superman #658 had me until the last two pages. As I said in my review of last issue, I'm sick of dark future stories, but Busiek really pulled this one off, and he creates some great emotional moments. Who'd've thunk I could ever care about Parasite? But, the conclusion drawn about what this all means at the end made no sense whatsoever. Anyway, Busiek is telling one hell of a fun epic story. 9/10

All-Star Superman #6 - I didn't really get the point until the revelation at the end, and then it all snapped into place. This was another great story in the ASS tradition. Best of the week. 9.5/10

01-04-2007, 12:24 PM
This was another great story in the ASS tradition. Best of the week. 9.5/10


Captain Sensation
01-04-2007, 01:19 PM
American Virgin # 10

Great issue, we got to see adams past and he is left questioning if the girl he thought God intended for him was really who he is supposed to be with.


Civil War # 6

Another solid issue, i enjoyed this one more than last issue.
Like others have mentioned, a set up to the end and very effective. I liked the big reveal towards the last 3 pages, cant wait for the 31st to get here.


Ant Man # 4
I love this book, i feel very awkward enjoying a character who is a jerk like this, but on any given day, i think anyone would have at least done some of the selfish things eric o grady has done. Well written stories and even the back stories interwining with the real time events dont hinder the pacing. Very good stuff, this has got to last at least 25 issues Marvel!!!


I flipped through Amazing spidey 537, it appeared to be really good, but i couldnt afford it

still reading all star superman (so thats why i cant make a pick of the week yet)

01-04-2007, 01:54 PM

That'll NEVER get old! :D

01-04-2007, 02:21 PM
I haven't read any Civil War related issues for a while and just to get back into the swing of things I'm rereading issues 1-5 before I read #6. I have to say that with a little time, separation, and no influence from any Civil War tie-ins, issues 1-3 actually paint Tony Stark and the crew in a pretty positive light. It's funny that I didn't really see this upon the initial reads.

I just finished #4 and I'm eagerly anticipating #6.

01-04-2007, 03:16 PM
I just read a huge stack and what sticks out?

All Star Superman: Didn't know what was really going on until the very end. Then it was pretty much fantastic. Quitely is amazing on this book.

Uncanny: This book is really picking up now and these last issues are gonna be a blast.

NewUniversal: I love this book and the art is gorgeous. I'm completely intrigued by the storyline.

The Sentient Xbox
01-04-2007, 03:34 PM
Civil War WEEK!!!!! Happy time...

Civil War #6- Very good read, felt the main physical altercation was cool for the characters involved but had very little impact on the story, and might have been better served just being part of the characters solo stories. Either way, setting up for a cool ending, although it will almost have to be rushed, which sucks. Oh well, we'll see. Breathtaking art will keep this title from ever getting anything lower than an 8 from me, story however has been really solid and totally worth the a 9. Millar dialogue however will probably keep this title from ever being considered a true classic. 9/10

Civil War Frontline #10-Frontline has been up and down, big turning point in the Speedball saga. Interesting angle to take his story, afraid of where the reporter story is heading with Urich, but well see. Very well written regardless. Art is meh to me... 7/10

Amazing Spider-Man #537-LOVING This book. Best Spidey has been in a long time and Im all for the changes made to the character if we can keep getting issues as strong as this one. Interesting last page. JMS has completely NAILED Peter Parker in terms of tone and voice, and for that his run will be classic. His plots I either love or I Dont...but his Parker remains pitch perfect to me. Art on this book I agree is good, Garney definitely is up to task..but I really want a more definitive Spidery artist on the book. Garney is a little too close to JRjr without being JRjr, so I would prefer a different style entirely. I dont know who though...looking foward to the team taking over after JMS and Garney leave regardless. Change of pace will be nice for the book. (even though I love it now) 9/10

Punisher War Journal #2- LOVING this book. Very good voice for Frank, and loved Fractions take on Cap. This is another book where the voices of the characters make it classic, the plot is almost secondary. Wonderful art as well. 9/10

All Star Superman #6- Hmmm... I absolutely adored the first 5 issues of this book, but this one was a step down to me. Still a great read, but this one was a little too Morrisoney to me. He refers to weird Scifi ideas just for the sake of the ideas sometimes, and not remotely to serve the story. Hoping we get a definitive version of who the Gold Supes was (Of course, Im not a big DC guy...so it might have been telegraphed and Im too stupid to realize it.) Either way, fantastic art and a great story. 8/10

Mister Mets
01-04-2007, 03:46 PM
Civil War #6 Not the strongest issue of the mini series, but the art was still fantastic, and it had some great moments. I'm really looking forward to the big battle next ish. 9/10

Y the Last Man #52 Average issue of an excellent book. Decent unspectacular end to the current arc. Some great moments with 355, and the women in the first few pages. 8/10

Mom's Cancer: Funny, poignant, and clever autobiographical comic about something very serious. Something you'll want to give loved ones. It's cruel to say this, but it could easily have been a "10" with a more talented writer/ artist, but this still comes highly recommended. 9/10

01-04-2007, 03:51 PM
All Star Superman #6- Hmmm... I absolutely adored the first 5 issues of this book, but this one was a step down to me. Still a great read, but this one was a little too Morrisoney to me. He refers to weird Scifi ideas just for the sake of the ideas sometimes, and not remotely to serve the story. Hoping we get a definitive version of who the Gold Supes was (Of course, Im not a big DC guy...so it might have been telegraphed and Im too stupid to realize it.) Either way, fantastic art and a great story. 8/10

I think it's a future Superman from the heart of the sun. See DC 1,000,000 from a few years back.

The Human Target
01-04-2007, 04:05 PM
I think it's a future Superman from the heart of the sun. See DC 1,000,000 from a few years back.

Haven't read this (and don't plan on it) but I'd say that was probably who it was. He already used the other DC 1,000,000 Superman in ASS.

The Sentient Xbox
01-04-2007, 04:46 PM
I think it's a future Superman from the heart of the sun. See DC 1,000,000 from a few years back.

Ahhh....it was clear then, hate Im not in on the know, lol. Thanks for clearing it up :)

01-04-2007, 06:18 PM
CW #6: Pure setup...but great setup. Issue #7 is going to be amazing. And Millar has opened up a TON of storytelling potential with this issue. The post CW Marvel universe is going to be an endlessly interesting place. 9/10

Frontline #10: Hard to review, because if the Embedded plotline is heading in the direction it appears to be Jenkins just laid a big fat stinking egg that will completely screw up the characterization of Iron Man that has been so wonderfully established by CW and Casualties of War. On the other hand, there could just as easily be a plot twist. So not really fair to rate yet. The Speedball story, however, was EXCELLENT. I will have to re-read the Accused now that it has been put in its proper context.

ASM #537: Now that I've gotten past the fact that Iron Man is basically an outright villain in this arc I'm enjoying it. Cap's speech was excellent, and the cliffhanger is too much to take. 8/10

The Other Side #4: A bit weaker than the last few issues, but still excellent. Very dark, almost terrifying. Next issue should be amazing. 9/10.

Daryl Densmore
01-04-2007, 07:15 PM
A lot of good books this week:


Civil War #6 - More fantastic art. Some of the writing still seems a little off to me, but on the whole a fun enough romp and does a great job of setting the table for the finale. I find that sometimes in this title we're just getting the bare bones of what's going on here and I think that's due to the lack of narrative captions and also the low number of panels per page. Makes some of the transitions jarring and too quick, and the result is some dialogue that either reads too fourth wallish and some of the actions that seem out of chracter in service of delivering the 'wow' moments and driving the story forward. Some examples being: for the dialogue things like 'I'm Hulkling, the Young Avengers resident shape shifter' which seems like more of a line for the benefit of the audience than necessary for Reed and Tony and for out of character the abruptness of Punisher opening fire on the Plunderer and Goldbug. He's smarter than opening up fire in a room with all the heroes there and Cap telling us he's insane just doesn't cut it for me. Still though, I'm more than willing to look past these things and enjoy this event rather than spending too much time picking it apart. 8/10

Black Panther #23 - I missed this last week, but grabbed it today. The writing was decent; this title seems to have improved a lot since the early issues and I think Storm has been a great addition to the book. The art is pretty ugly and inconsistent though. 7/10

Amazing Spider-man #537 - Cut out the heavy-handed and overly dramatic three page Mark Twain quote and you have a decent issue here. Garney's art continues to impress and improve and seems light years ahead of anything he delivered at DC. 6/10

Civil War Front Line #10 - I enjoyed this one a lot as we didn't have any of the parallels between the Marvel Civil War and the real wars that have taken place, and we get a decent wrap up to the Speedball arc. I was happy to see how it ended and am more interested in maybe picking up New Thunderbolts now that I know we don't have another Ronin fiasco on our hands. Maybe the big two will realize you don't have to hook everything on a big mystery, but rather good execution can bring a reader back rather than having characers whose identity is unknown. The Urich/Floyd storyline was also well written and I'm looking forward to the conclusion next ish. This is a series I'll want to read again when complete to see how it all hangs together rather than the way it was chopped up due to the delays. 7/10

Punisher War Journal #2 - This title is off to a strong start. As we've seen before a little bit different of a take (and an expanded one) on things that happened in the Civil War issue. Although I still think it does a better job of building up a bit of a relationship between Cap and Frank, it makes his actions in Civil War #6 even more out of character and hard to swallow. 7/10

Incredible Hulk #102 - Things happen a bit too quickly overall, but an action packed issue with plenty of excitement. Seems like with so many mega-arcs, so many issues are spent setting up the story that the final resolutions end up getting rushed at the end. That aside though, a fun issue and some of the art was just gorgeous. 8/10

Uncanny X-men #482 - I had dropped this title as the first seven issues felt padded and drawn out, but grabbed this issue after reading a spoiler filled review that made this issue seem more exciting. And it was. Things picked up tremendously, and Brubaker finally delivered as strong a script as I expected from him since the strong first issue of his run. 8/10

Powers #22 - More solid work from Bendis and Oeming. Really this is a title I enjoy more in trades and just pick up monthly for the letter column. Not that it isn't a great read; it is, but it seems paced for the trade and the delays recently have made it hard for me to keep my anticipation up from issue to issue. Once I get it though, I'm happy to read it as I think Bendis does his best work on this title. I was a little worried when I got to the letter column and saw the two Newsarama interviews reprinted, but thankfully there were also a couple of pages of letters with Brian's amusing answers. They seem to have been rarer of late so it was good to get a little dose here. 8/10


All-star Superman #6 - Loveded it! Sure it's confusing at times, and may throw people off with so many different Supermen in it, but I love these stories that have different incarnations involved as they make me want to learn about the appearances of the other Supermen and it features the wonder that DC could have in more of their stories had they the balls to utilize Hypertime in moderation insead of being so beholden to a sense of continuity that they can't seem to settle on anyway. The best part is that it's all grounded with real heart as we get some great Krypto and Pa Kent moments that deliver the emotion that Grant has shown he is capable of in titles like WE3. The art of course remains stellar, and even though it seems a bit sparse at times there is usually a lot going on the background that makes me slow down and take it in in a way a lot of 'busy' art that features cross-hatching and inticate details doesn't. Great stuff. 10/10

Superman #658 - Continuing a great week for Superman. Busiek and Pacheco deliver a satisfying issue packed with emotion, action, and great art. The delays suck, and now we are in for two issues featuring fill-in art, but the work these two have done on the title so far has been top-notch and it pains me to see it doesn't seem to be reflected in the sales. 9/10

Superman Confidential #3 - Finishing up the Super trifecta this week. This is a solid installment in an arc that so far seems much more tailored for the trade. Things pick up a bit from the slow and somewhat sparse beginning issue, and Cooke's scripting continues to improve with these characters as the series progresses. The Tim Sale art is solid and fun to look at as always. 8/10

52 Week 35 - Again we focus on less subplots with the bulk of the issue given over to the Lex storyline and again it makes for a better single issue read as that plot gets to advance further than what we were getting in the prior issues. The art is inconsistent as one would expect from a pairing of Jimenez and Jurgens whose style don't really mesh, but the art has never been this series strong point. Hope these final issues continue to deliver some satisfying reads and conclusions to make my investment in this all seem worthwhile. 7/10

Jonah Hex #15 - The final part of Jonah's origin and another great read by Gray & Palmiotti with fantastic art be Bernet. 8/10

Nightwing #128 - Wolfman's strongest issue yet and I'd imagine it was about here that he learned he was the ongoing writer as he seems to start to delve more into Nightwing/Dick Grayson as a character than he had in the prior issues. Thankfully, Jurgen's art is much better here than in this week's 52, probably due to the inking. 7/10

Manhunter #27 - Wow, Andreyko's really bringing in a lot of corners of the DC Universe in this one. Remains a great read for those of us armed with a little knowledge of the background of all the characters, but I continue to wonder how accessible it is for newer readers with DC's lack of providing letter pages and/or recap pages to make the monthly reading experience more enjoyable for newer readers. I know they use the internet as an excuse, but in my mind it's just laziness on their part (not any individual editors, I'm sure they're spread out as it is but in DC's commitment as a company to provide details like I expressed in the DC month to month sales thread at Millarworld). Also, I noticed two pencillers credited here and the page after the Brave and Bold ad featured some weird looking Wonder Woman shots. 7/10

I forgot to pick up the Atom as its one of the many DC titles I no longer pre-order. I love Gail Simone's writing on the whole but this series hadn't been grabbing me. I'll see what the word of mouth is and make my purchasing decision from there.


Midnighter #3 - Nothing great but a decent issue featuring solid art. Probably headed for trade waiting on this title though. 6/10

Hope you all enjoy your books!


01-04-2007, 07:22 PM
There are some nice reviews in here. I am behind these days due to ordering them online, but I will be getting CW, Frontline, and Amazing from my LCS this weekend. I am really jazzed after reading some of these reviews.

01-04-2007, 07:29 PM

eyeshield 21 vol.3

Good stuff. great ending that carried over from vol.2. Some very unexpected stuff from a sports manga.Really really cool depiction of speed and motion in the book I highly recommend this book for people who like Flash.

Philip J Eaves
01-04-2007, 08:30 PM
Small amount of buys. Big amount of potential awesome.

Civil War #6
I was really looking forward to this issue, as I think this has been one hell of a mini. Having Spidey back in his old duds was pretty nice, and the Punisher's involvement was weird. Anyway, it seemed like very little happened in this ish, which seems to be common with pentultimate chapters, but the ending surprise was cool. I'm very excited for this last installment. Props to McNiven for his incredible work on this book!

All-Star Superman #6
This book has been on fire since it started, and it was awesome to see it got the Eisner for Best New Series. Morrison's writing and Quitely's art is really capturing an interesting Superman. This story threw me off at first, for obvious continuity reasons, but thankfully everything is resolved in the end. Seeing Krypto in the issue was pretty fun, as well. Even though the large gaps between issues is annoying, this book is always worth the wait.

Justice League of America #5
I know this was a last week book, but I missed it, OK? Sheesh.
So, I have become a huge Meltzer fan ever since IC. Knowing that he would be bringing not only his fanboy love, but also his incredible knowledge of the DCU to this book, made me want to freeze myself in my mom's freezer until the first ish came out. That aside, this has been a really great book since issue 0 (I liked it, OK?) Even if you don't know all of the characters referred to, it is still an interesting and captivating read. I want to know more about these characters. Also, this issue's reference to IC was just great. Meltzer has a writing style that he has really made his own, and the art work on this book is perfect.

01-04-2007, 11:15 PM
ASS-I can't believe how much I enjoy this series, every issue makes me drol for the coming/inevitable ABSOLUTE ASS edition, the quirky humor, pure retro scifi feel, and the awe of a classic character done right! 10/10

Civil War 6-For what it is it is good, but what it is, is not my cup of tea. This issue above all others shows why Millar belongs in (and along with Bendis OWNS) the Ultimate universe, not the classic U. Beautiful art. 5/10

01-05-2007, 04:43 AM
52 Week #35 $2.50 – Wow, that was one of the most messed up things I can remember Lex doing. Good stuff. It feels like everything is speeding up a bit as we get closer to the finish line. Very exciting.

All Star Superman #6 $2.99 – This was a perfect 10 book in what has been a perfect 10 series. Seeing the joy of a guy playing with his dog, his proud parents (And Pa looked just like my grandfather, just like him), his friends, etc… it was all such great emotion. Add the art and a truly creepy-looking monster! Love this book.

Superman Confidential #3 $2.99 – Love this book too. It’s got such a classic feel to it. Classic romance, beautiful art… just wonderful.

Superman Vol 3 #658 $2.99 – And then we move on to a really modern story. I really like the concept behind it, maybe by saving the day so many times Superman is hurting the planet. That’s cool!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #537 $2.99 – There has to be more to that ending, just has to be. I really liked the part with Cap, but I’m not really crazy about the direction this appears to be headed in.

Civil War #6 Regular Steve McNiven Cover $2.99 – For such a big build-up, there wasn’t a heck of a lot going on. It starts with the two big groups about to fight and ends with two big groups about to start fighting. There were some cool moments, can’t see the Punisher doing what he did. He’s nuts but he isn’t stupid. I was also hoping that the character that flipped really did flip. It would have been nice to see one of these guys redeem themself.

Civil War Front Line #10 $2.99 – I was really bummed with this issue. Too many marvel books are getting really bleak and depressing.

Fantastic Four The End #4 $2.99 – I am really enjoying this. Big story, tons of characters, exciting stuff.

Powers Vol 2 #22 $2.95 – Great cover! The two cops waiting in the kitchen was a big highlight. Needs more talking belly button.

Uncanny X-Men #482 $2.99 – I love the Starjammers! This has been the first X-Men story in a while that really feels like an X-Men story to me. Really good.

01-05-2007, 04:50 AM
52 Week #35 $2.50 – Wow, that was one of the most messed up things I can remember Lex doing. Good stuff. It feels like everything is speeding up a bit as we get closer to the finish line. Very exciting.

What did he do? Spoil that sucker for me please.

01-05-2007, 05:26 AM
What did he do? Spoil that sucker for me please.

To sum up, and there's more to it:
He had created hundreds of super humans during 52. It was part of a project to give powers to anyone that wants them. At midnight on New years he shut all the powers off, so all the heroes flying around in Metropolis were just falling out of the sky into the crowds below. It was pretty harsh!

01-05-2007, 06:03 AM
52 week 35 was great. I was hating the Infinity Inc./Everyman Project/John Henry Irons storyline, but this issue turned me around. Lex prooves why he is the evilist motherfucker in the DCU.

I'm still not sure if the Question is dead though. I was hoping for a definative answer this week, but I'm going by the comic rule of not seeing the body. When last we left him, he was rambling to Renee. Were they his last words? I don't know. Even if the next time we see Montoya she has no face and is wearing a trenchcoat I won't believe that "Charlie" is dead until I see his rotting corpse.

I also read Civil War #6 (pretty good) and Punisher War Journal (good book).

I still have a bunch of other stuff to read.

Also can I give a shout out to the cover for Exterminators #13. That is one creepy piece of work. Great job Darick. I can't wait to read it (but first I have to read #12). I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Matt Jay
01-05-2007, 06:08 AM
Civil War #6- great issue, much better than the last 2. I am officially jazzed about this series again. The part where Cap distinguishes himself from Castle by calling him insane was rich with subtext. I thought that Spidey's comment instigating that moment was interesting as well.

Ant-Man #4- HOLY SHIT! This ish cemented it: this is officially my favorite ongoing title. Ant-racing? That's like something I would do with that nearly-useless power. Eric O'Grady is the coolest thing to come out of the 616 in a long time, and even if this series doesn't make it, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis TPB- I've read alot of X-Men stories over the years, mostly because I like the characters. But I've never really read an X-Men story in the 616 that I thought was "great". I'm only halfway through it, but i looks like this could be the story. I already know how it ends (didn't bother to avoid spoilers over the months) but that hasn't interfered with my enjoyment. Bru really is masterfully telling this tale. Editorial surely dropped alot of stuff in his lap (X-mansion being on lockdown and the Sentinel ONE program), but he's taken those elements and used them in a way that makes the story that much better. Looking forward to the reveal.
9/10 (so far)

01-05-2007, 12:40 PM
I think it's a future Superman from the heart of the sun. See DC 1,000,000 from a few years back.

Its important to note that he's not a future Superman like the two others, he's "our" Superman who has survived until the DC 1 000 000 (months from now), its why when Superman asks Gold Superman which descendant he is he answers "Ha!" at first.

01-05-2007, 01:34 PM
Civil War- PICK OF THE WEEK! Well, that lasted long. Frank's on the team a day or two and he manages to blow away a couple felons. I don't know which one is the bigger jerk, him for killing the idiots, or Diamondback for bringing them in in the first place. I heard some bitching over on IGN about Cap's use of Frank to break into the Baxter building. It's "out of character", "he should've sent Sue or Vision", etc. The way I see it, Frank was expendable. If Vision was caught, he'd probably be reprogrammed and his data pilfered, and I'd much rather have Frank caught than Susan. That's just me. Anyway, the build-up is tense, and very interesting. I loved seeing Cage and Spidey acting like they do in New Avengers. Their friendship is one of the best things to come out of that title. Spidey's line to Frank about getting jealous was perfect. Another thing, I'm really impressed the way Millar's juggled such a large cast and paid so much attention to detail. I'd all but discarded Cap's line about Hulkling's assignment in Arizona from last issue. Uatu and Strange's conversation was also a highlight. As always, McNiven is well worth the wait. The Punisher's scenes are incredible. Issue #7 can't come soon enough. 10/10

Amazing Spider-Man- So, is it a red herring, or is Spidey going to be in mourning soon? Either way, I love the way the set-up is handeled, even if the results could be questionable. Garney draws a perfect Captain America. The Mark Twain bit was a little overdone, but otherwise this issue was fantastic. 9/10

Punisher War Journal- [Spoiler]Fraction's done a great job of filling in Civil War gaps. I really liked seeing the behind the scenes. I'm actually considering picking this up after Civil War. One thing I didn't like was the way this issue made it look like Cap was considering some villianous assistance. In Civil War #6, it's very clear that Cap has no intention on recruiting them, but here, he almost seems to be considering it. 8/10

Irredemable Ant-Man- READ. THIS. BOOK. Bitches. 8/10

Frontline- Talk about a cover ruining the ending. Ah well, at least it's an awesome cover. Probably Speedball's first awesome cover, too. A lot of people predicted it, but I thought Penance could've been Nitro. I thought we'd actually see Robbie's face become the face of registration, possibly in the Mighty Avengers. Oh well. It just makes Thunderbolts even more interesting. I'm really ready for this Urich/Sally story to end, though. I'm sick of getting a tease every issue of something big happening before issue's end. Jenkins should've made the series a few issues shorter, dropped the Wonderman subplot, tightened the Sally/Urich sequences, and made it all one story instead of 2-3. 7/10

Uncanny X-Men- It's not bad, but for a 12 issue arc, I'm not feeling anything really massive, here. Compared to Civil War, which has had so much awesome crammed into 7 issues while still having the characters get some great moments, it just feels fluffed. 7/10

01-06-2007, 01:47 AM
American Virgin #10 This was without a doubt, the best book of the week. It's also the best single issue of the series so far going into Adam's past and transitioning him from being a generally nice guy who can just be a douche bag sometimes to tragic and conflicted protagonist. Also maybe the hottest cover ever. Ever. Seriously, I need a poster of cyndi in a martini glass, and I need it now.

The Exterminators #13 I often tout this book on the merits of its compellingly unrepentant weirdness, but this month's issue was comparatively down to earth (aside from the avatar of an Egyptian bug god (?) shooting up between his toes wile talking to a cockroach), but was still as excellent as ever. I especially liked the opening scene which I think sums Henry up pretty nicely: He wants to be a hopeless romantic and even a hero, but life just keeps biting him on the ass (or the fingers as the case may be). Next issue: "The San Fernando Fuhrer returns." I can't wait.

The Boys #6 I know it came out last week but it only got to me today. I've been waiting six issues for for a nice bloody battle royal, and now that it's come I was not disappointed. I can't wait to get more of this series.

Scalped #1 I've got my hopes up for this series. Great first issue, fantastic ending. I read this book once by this retired FBI agent, (Mind Hunter by John Douglas). He said that early in his career he was assigned to a unit on an reservation and he described it as perhaps the most depressing time of his career, and that there is not a single more downtrodden community any in America. The description of that time was pretty brief, but so far this book is living up to it almost perfectly.

The Atom #7 Just gets weirder and weirder and I love it.

Eagle eyed readers who visit the Brian K. Vaughan forum may have noticed that I've basicly just copied and pasted what I wrote in the Top Five thread. Sorry but I'm really lazy. I'll write a real one next time.

01-06-2007, 08:16 AM
Did anyone catch the spoiler for Thunderbolts in the form of an advertisement in Front Line?

Pennance will be a member of Ellis's Thunderbolts team.

Not sure how I feel about that. But I don't think I'm going to be reading Thunderbolts, unless everyone is so estactic about it that I can't miss it, and even then in trades. (As much a trying to save money thing as it is a I've never really liked Thunderbolts thing.)

01-06-2007, 09:42 AM
Did anyone catch the spoiler for Thunderbolts in the form of an advertisement in Front Line?

Pennance will be a member of Ellis's Thunderbolts team.

Not sure how I feel about that. But I don't think I'm going to be reading Thunderbolts, unless everyone is so estactic about it that I can't miss it, and even then in trades. (As much a trying to save money thing as it is a I've never really liked Thunderbolts thing.)

That was revealed when they solicited it a while back, we just didn't know who he was yet.

Blake Sims
01-06-2007, 09:52 PM
52 Week 35- Pretty solid issue. Im starting to think that Supernova is Mr Miracle or one of the New Gods. It makes sense to me. I also am starting to think that 52 equalling Omega has to do with Darkseid. That would go along with the big developments with the New Gods that they've been talking about for a while.

Savage Dragon #131- Good issue. I love this series.

Civil War #6- Alright issue, the art was great. Well worth the wait between issues.

All Star Superman #5- Damn this was awesome. The art was beautiful. I was a little confused at first but it all made sense at the end of the story. I fucking love this series deeply. I want Morrison and Quitely to stick around after issue #12...

01-07-2007, 11:08 AM
Civil War 6- I'm getting what I paid for!!! Action, Betrayal, and more want to hate Iron Man's guts. Not to mention getting to see somebody looking like less of a sell out. I can't wait for the ending. 9/10.

Immortal Iron Fist 2- I just flipped through this one having not read the first issue and I think Brubaker is fantastic. He's like King Midas everything he's touches is gold. I couldnt find issue 1 but I'm sure they will have reprintings or something. I like the previous Iron Fists and Luke Cage. 10/10.

01-07-2007, 03:55 PM
I read alot this week. Not gonna go over all of it.

But I got to say Incredible Hulk is kicking some major ass.

For you long time Hulk fans, has there been a better story arch in the last 20 years than this? I am loving me some Hulk right now. Certainly getting the price of admission with this comic.

Im gonna start having my wife call me the Incredible Hulk instead of the Amazing Spider Man whe we make love for now on.

Besides, 20 seconds of hearing "FUCK ME AMAZING SPIDER MAN!" gets old after about the first 12 seconds.

01-07-2007, 07:48 PM
I just now got started with my stack and haven't gotten much out of it yet.

Scalped started off alright. I do agree with some people in that it was a little gratuitous (moreso in that there seemed to be swearing for the sake of swearing) but overall I really like the setting and the plot, so I'm game for more of it. 7/10

Incredible Hulk - This Planet Hulk story needs to end now. The writing is only average and it's gone on at least two issues more than it needed to. I'm bored with this, time to go somewhere else with it. Hulk did some good smashing in this issue though, so 6/10

And I read Civil War off the shelf. It was really dull. The stuff with the Punisher was forced and unnecessary. Again, some of the plot ideas really made no sense or felt like I've read them before (in Millar books no less), and the traitor and insider reveals and all that stuff were boring. All of this build up, just to lead to a gratuitous slugfest as an ending? Whatever. Oh, and McNiven's art was noticably downgraded this time. Probably because of extra inkers or whatever, but the facial features were weaker than normal and some of the linework was less detailed. Sad too cause the art was the only thing that was still exciting me about the series. 5/10

01-08-2007, 11:25 AM
Hulk #102 - Alot of the buildup Pak has placed in his run all payed off in this issue.Hulk takes it to the Red King hard and it's more than just a fist fight,it's payback for all of the friends he's made.King Hulk sounds so cool and I'm glad he's going to hopefully have a queen at this side.

Civil War #6 - I feel like I can't judge this without reading the final issue.Great setup with the namedropping of all these new superteams all over the US.I hope Punisher makes an appearance in CW #7 or at least redeems himself in the eyes of Cap,or else his appearance in the book has been a complete waste.

01-08-2007, 07:35 PM
Fucking delays. Civil War seems like the first half of a double-sized issue. It's painful that we have waited so long to get so little. Criminal, even. I mean, it's fun, sure, it's a Millar-book, but come on.

The same goes for the Frontline issue: Oh! I've got something to tell you! And I've got something to tell you! OK! Let's go hide so we can tell each other! Oh! I know what you're going to tell me! And I know what you're going to tell me! Right! Let's go tell somebody else!