View Full Version : TSSTG message board at Imagecomics.com

01-02-2007, 07:36 PM
Just thought I'd let you all know, Image was kind enough to give me a message board! Stop by and say hello if you'd like.


James Patrick
01-02-2007, 07:37 PM

Blandy vs Terrorism
01-02-2007, 07:37 PM
Wait, so I have to go somewhere else to talk to you now?

Nice knowing you, Tom.


Gary Dunaier
01-02-2007, 10:16 PM
Well, I signed up. Just as I'm a fan of the Trump brand (you don't want to know how much I paid for a pack of "The Apprentice" playing cards at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City -- and I don't even play cards! :sad: ), if Image is hosting Tom's official board then I'm there.

But how, if at all, will that differ from Tom's postings here? I guess I've seen the Bendis board as the unofficial "official" source for news on all things Beland.

01-02-2007, 10:43 PM