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05-03-2005, 03:24 PM
Tom Green's Short Feud By Sarah Hall
1 hour, 57 minutes ago

Apparently, Tom Green is no longer seeing red when it comes to Martin Short.


Green called off a self-proclaimed "horrific feud" with his fellow Canadian funnyman after spending several days last month waging a one-sided war against Short via his official Website, TomGreen.com, and a second site, cleverly dubbed MartinShortIsLame.com.

The strife between the two entertainers began when Short made comments about Green in an interview published in the May issue of W magazine, stating that Green had stormed off the set of Short's Comedy Central show Primetime Glick four years ago after Short's alter ego, Jiminy Glick, asked Green about his testicular cancer.

To add insult to injury, at least in the world of comedic types, Short had the gall to claim that out of all the 60-odd guests he had interviewed as Glick, Green was the only one who "didn't get it."

A furious Green quickly responded via his blog, explaining that Short's jabs had been offensive to him, coming as they did in the wake of his recent cancer recovery. (Never mind that Green himself had poked fun at his own cancer treatment via his Website and an MTV special.)

"During the interview he started making fun of my cancer operation, and I got upset and walked off the set," Green wrote. "It was still pretty fresh, my cancer recovery etc...so I didn't really take it too well, and was perhaps a bit overly emotional when he started dissing on me about it. Big deal right? I left the show and told them I didn't appreciate it, and didn't want it to air."

Short's manager, Bernie Brillstein, claimed that no other guest had been similarly offended by Glick's abrasive attitude and questioned Green's professionalism.

"To walk off the show wasn't professional. Marty is the gentlest, nicest man I ever met and also the most talented," Brillstein told the New York Post. "Tom Green wanted to walk off the show and that was fine. We didn't miss him."

Naturally, Green wasn't thrilled by Brillstein's remarks.

"Mr. Brillstein, perhaps you should begin mingling in better circles," he advised the manager via his blog.

Meanwhile, to seek revenge on Short, Green launched the Martin Short Is Lame Campaign on Apr. 11, urging his fans to photograph themselves wearing a "hastily and crappily made" T-shirt, reading "I think Martin Short is lame" and email the pics to his site.

Fans were also encouraged to email both the New York Post and W magazine to keep the publications informed of their opinions on Short.

Per Green, the response to the campaign was overwhelming. The former talk show host claimed to have received thousands of emails supporting his crusade against Short.

"I am amazed at the immediate and overwhelming response to my four year old Martin Short crisis," Green wrote on Apr. 13. "I really am glad to see that all of you have got my back. It feels nice. Thanks Gang."

Both Green's site and MartinShortIsLame.com (which claims that it is not affiliated with TomGreen.com) proclaimed that all it would take to end the feud was a public apology from Short and/or Brillstein.

However, no apology seemed to be forthcoming and by Apr. 16, Green had apparently had enough.

"I would like to publicly ask all of my website readers to accept that Mr. Short, most likely feels he has done nothing wrong," Green wrote. "This is no doubt the reason why he and his manager Bernie Brillstein have not apologized for their parts in escalating this horrific feud."

Green also urged his readers to put a halt to the Martin Short Is Lame Campaign.

"I think we should mend fences here. I myself, by nature (perhaps it is the Canadian in me) am not an angry or vindictive person," Green stated.

The former MTV personality also encouraged his readers to go see Short's latest film, Jiminy Glick in La La Wood, in theaters Friday.

"I know many of you have not seen Mr. Short's character Jiminy Glick, and I would encourage all of you, to go see his upcoming film...Jiminy Glick in La La Land, or whatever it is called," Green advised.

"Perhaps you could send in pictures wearing T-shirts, from your part of the world. Which say, "I'm Going To See The Jiminy Glick Movie! (even though he didn't apologize to Tom)."

Last fall, Green released his autobiography, titled Hollywood Causes Cancer. Up ahead, he'll appear on the big screen in comedies Bob the Butler, opposite Brooke Shields, and Houseboat, opposite Kristin Davis.

Blake Sims
05-03-2005, 03:41 PM
god i wish they'd put his show on dvd

05-03-2005, 03:44 PM
Wow. Tom Green has turned into a total pansy-ass, huh? Too bad. I was never much of a fan, but it is really sad to think that he now takes himself seriously with all those re-runs out there that he could possibly see. He'll be really dissapointed then.