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09-14-2006, 03:05 PM
Have you read this yet? (http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=84052)

I know everyone here has their causes and their charities. So, yeah, here i am some dude 99.5% of you have never met or listened to asking you to join some other cause. So why should you listen to me? Look at the picture on Newsarama. Many of you know that man standing there, Shelton Drum. Those of us who know him, know what a big heart he has and what he has done for creators and fans a like. Shelton has a pretty full plate organizing Heroescon and running Heroes Aren't Hard To Find (especially with his right hand man, Dustin Harbin, gone)his beatiful store in CHarlotte, NC. Shelton is going cross eyed he's so busy with his own casue- his life and livelyhood- but he's taking on this addtional cause- Multiple Sclerosis.
MS is a disease that touches most of us and we may not even know it. Shelton knows someone with MS- the young lady in the picture with him. That's Carolee, my wife. Take a good look at her. Don't you think she's had enough to deal with without developing this disease? MS effects everything Carolee does. Everyminute of her life she's reminded that she is sick. But there is hope. 10 years ago there where no real treatments fo r this disease. Now, there are over 100 treatments to choose from to help slow down this disease. I believe at the rate medicine has advanced, that in Carolee's lifetime, we will find a cure.
So fans- please, bid on the artwork donated to the cause. As you can see, the Great David Mack has donated a ton of pieces all ready and we've got lots more on the way (LOTS AND LOTS). Creators- please send us donated pieces. Writers, sign your book and send it to us. artists, send us whatever is laying around- your warm up sketches- anything. I'll do my best to plug your work in the ebay listings.

questions? comments? would you like to know Carolee's story? douglas dot merkle at adesa dot com

A personal thank you to each artist, especially David Mack, who have already committed to help.
Oeming committed a couple Powers pages which will be up soon.

09-14-2006, 04:46 PM

Great to see you here!!!

And you have a REALLY nice avatar.
I started some posts about this MS auction on other boards as well that you may want to post one: Millarworld, Newsarama (the Marvel and Kabuki) and the Worldfamouscomics.com boards and the other Jinx's.

I hope everyone here spreads the word on this.

Feel welcome to cut and past the link below.

Tell Carolee I say hi!

Here is a link to some of my original artwork being auctioned for an MS Chartiy event.
All proceeds go to the MS Society.

Check it out!
At this link:


Please feel welcome to forward it to your mailing list.
I'm trying to raise as much awareness about this MS event as possible.

Carolee is in the photo at this link.
Also my cousin Melinda Collins of Cinci has MS and is an inspiration to me in joining this cause.


09-14-2006, 05:55 PM
correction: There are well over 5 treaments. not 100. I'm so dumb. My wife corrected me. In the context i was speaking, there are 6 treaments.

Hey David! The pic you sent has become quite popular at the MS Society. You made the ladies swoon and the dudes jealous. And of course, you made Carolee very, very happy!