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"One principle of alchemy is 'Solve et Coagula,' to dissolve and recombine. 'Solve' is reductionism, taking things apart for study (or 'analysis'). 'Coagula' is holism, reconnecting everything into a better and more accurate picture (or 'synthesis'). Alchemy, then, is rather than transmuting metals, is more concerned with transmuting humanity. According to Alchemy, before this fiery illumination, this gold, can occur, there is a period of uncertainty, darkness, putrefaction, and despair."
-Alan Moore, Promethea #32

Another word for "transmutation" could of course be "metamorphosis."

Alchemy frequently involves a trip to the forge, or the crucible, for a trial by fire.

"The Crucible," of course, now better known as the title of a work focusing on an oppressive culture and viciously attacking a similarly oppressive government climate.

"Unless correction are made from the inside out. The Noh is on the wrong side of history... A war of ideas? Not in the sense of 'The Art of War. But in the sense that this is The War of Art." -Akemi

Crowley called magic "A Disease of Language."

McLuhan's medium vs. message.

Hermes Trismegistus, the first Alchemist, spoke often of the dual snakes of the caduceus ("as above, so below") that we now know to echo DNA. Coded messages in separate cells, cellular division the first fold in biological origami. Eventually a coterie of animals from the same stock, each carrying their coded messages.

As above, so below. Solve et Coagula. Nigredo, Rubedo, Albedo. Armageddon and Rapture. Death and Rebirth.

The first paper came instead from Egypt, however, along with one of the very first symbols of death and rebirth, echoed in mummification - cocooning - and whose hieroglyphic character means "to transform" (to transmute, to metamorphose):

The Scarab.

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Right on, my brutha.

I'm getting quite a lot of feedback from this series. Lots of fan mail about it hitting people in a personal way as well as their unique interpretations of it.

Maybe I'll merge all the other comments and reviews of the Alchemy issues so far, under this thread.
They've been scattered to and fro.
Anyone like that idea?

“I discover “The Power of Positive Doing”. Positive thinking is great. It is a nice first step. But if you don’t do the “Positive Doing”, it only takes you so far.” –KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“You see every person that you ever had an interaction with. And you feel from their perspective how you made them feel from your interaction.” –KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“I get to the door and I can’t pass through. And then I wake up in pain. In this meat suit. In this silly human costume.” –KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“My natural irregularities double my cover possibilities. The Greeks would call me Hermes/Aphrodite. I’m Hermes-Messenger of the gods, & Ahrodite-goddess of love, simultaneously. Wrapped in one.” –Akemi, KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“Writing down the difficult moments of your history lets you own it. The events then belong to you rather than you belonging to them.” –Akemi, KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“The story flows from me. It begins to take a shape of its own. Unmasked. Unfettered. Raw. At once crude and elegant.” –KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

“Dedication and concentration put us in touch with our natural talent. Our genius. The Romans used the Latin word genius to mean an inner spirt… which guides us to our calling.” –Akemi, KABUKI: The Alchemy #7

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