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08-20-2006, 07:34 PM
David Mack's long running masterpeice is now available live on the web for free in a daily serial format. We're offering a page per day with 2 pages on double page spread days, only at Newsarama!

Kabuki Daily will also offer the occassional "Flash-forward" which will showcase a page from the current mind-bending arc "Kabuki: Alchemy".
Kabuki Daily is starting a Page 1, Volume 1, so go check out the black & white coolness of Kabuki now!
http://comics.newsarama.com/kabuki/ (http://comics.newsarama.com/kabuki/)

Also - POWERS enters it's 5th week of daily publication with 22 days of pages available for those of you that have been holding back. Issue 1 is coming to a close and the murder of Retro Girl nears...
http://comics.newsarama.com/powers/ (http://comics.newsarama.com/powers/)

Thank you David Mack for making this incredible comic experience available!

Please share these links with friends and fans as well as folks you might know who are reluctant to experience these titles or comics in general and expose them to some of the highest quality work in comics today.

08-21-2006, 09:18 PM
And a discussion board here:

Thanks for your help Tim.
And I posted a little welcome on the boards there.

I'm typing live from the home and desk of Brian Bendis.