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08-16-2006, 06:00 PM
Based on the news of the upcoming Daily Kabuki on Newsarama.com, someone read the book for the first time and reviewed it!

Check it out and drop in your 2 cents.


KABUKI: Circle of Blood (Vol.1) REVIEW on newsarama.com

08-16-2006, 07:01 PM
Great reveiw. I agree about the fluid and variance of the Artwork. Many times the artwork seems to reflect the inner thoughts of the characters... very much why some things or so clear and some a bit more sketchy.

08-21-2006, 02:16 PM
HI Tim and DT,
I've registered in Newsarama and trying to post there, but not able to yet for some reason.
I'll try again later today but post it here for the moment.

Writer and Artist: David Mack
Publisher: Image

Kabuki is the top field agent of the Noh, an ultra-secret agency within near-future Japan that works to maintain a careful balance between politics, business, and crime - usually through espionage and assasination. However, when the Noh is infiltrated by a madman, Kabuki begins a journey of vengeance and self-discovery that exposes the dark truth about herself, the Noh, and all Japan, while leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

Now this is a great book. It is highly atmospheric, with each and every page carefully planned out for maximum effect. The plot is circular and involved, but not confused or incomprehensible. This is a book where you have to take your time with it to absorb each scene, but it makes perfect sense if you keep your mind open. There are many allegorical references, and the story takes the time to build up the personalities of each and every one of the main players. This does mean that the story has something of a slow burn, but it all builds up to an amazing, brilliant (and very bloody) climax.

And the art is very nice indeed. The early chapters seem a little rough, but I gather this prologue was created some time before the main story, so that's forgivable. But the artwork in the main story is great - clear and detailed, very carefully planned out, with varying styles chosen for maximum effect.

Great book. Gorgeous art with a thoughtful, involving, but also action-packed story. Awesome and I loved it.

(And yes. I was inspired to get this with Newsarama's deal to reprint Kabuki online. And I'm glad I did.)

Grade: A

Hi everyone,

And thanks, Arvandor, for the kind words and review about the first Kabuki volume.
Iím glad you like it and glad to see people here interested in the title.

We are starting Kabuki here from the very beginning. There was some debate about if we should start from one of the painted volumes, but decided to just go with everything in order.

There have been 6 volumes of Kabuki so far, with THE ALCHEMY at ICON being the seventh volume. Each one fits in continuity and builds on the others but each volume is also a self-contained story as well.
And I tend to use a different art style and medium for each volume to fit the tone for that particular story.

The first volume; KABUKI: Circle of Blood debuted in 1994 and I have been writing and drawing Kabuki ever since.
One of the reasons I was considering starting the dailies with one of the newer Kabuki stories was that I wrote and drew this Kabuki story when I had just turned 20 years old.
In fact I did this entire volume while I was in college and turned it in for my senior writing thesis.

So while it still holds a lot of charm for me, it is also my beginnerís work and there are many parts that I feel could use some finesse, and many moments where I see that the 20 year old version of me was heavy handed with wording or in the channeling of some of my early artistic influences.

But many readers tell me that part of the fun in reading the Kabuki volumes is watching the evolution of my work from beginner to present as the characters evolve as well, as well as watching the different choices that I use for the art mediums and story pace for each volume.

So I hope this will give you a little context for the approach of this story if you are unfamiliar with it.
Iíll try to drop in here from time to time and say hello and respond to questions.

I also highly recommend you looking at the incredibly extensive fan site davidmackguide.com. It is more informative than my own site (davidmack.com) and David Thornton updates it every day with news!
He has just about every book Iíve ever done on that site as well as all the archived interviews and FAQ that should bring you up to date on anything you want to know.

Thanks for the kind welcome here and for taking the initiative to begin reading Kabuki here.
Kindest regards,
David Mack