View Full Version : Funny story for Mack fans

Murdock's Girl
08-16-2006, 01:40 PM
I have two kids in my life that I play Auntie too- Emily who is 6 and her brother James who is five.
Last weekend I spent at their place to babysit while mom and dad went to a wedding. Both of them are really getting into comics, so I bring some books with me and read it to them. (well, emily not as much, she is a brillant reader for being so young).

anyway, I bought Kabuki for me to reread later after they went to bed, but I remembered about the kids books within the story, so i read Imaginary friend to them at bed.

The next morning when I left, Emily was crying like someone shot her. She wanted to keep the "goldfish story" but of course I am not leaving kabuki at their place (for so many reasons). I just talked to her dad last night, when she heard me on the phone, she started crying telling dad to "tell auntie sauna to bring the goldfish story".

David- you REALLY need to get those books out. I am resorting to getting some extra copies of Kabuki to rip up and give to her. :)

Tessana aka MG