View Full Version : Art Auction fundraiser for the National MS Society. Bid on my art…

07-31-2006, 01:33 AM
Art Auction fundraiser for the National MS Society. Bid on my art…

And feel welcome to participate with donating your art as well!

I’ve donated some art and signed books for this great cause. And it is being organized by Carollee Merkle who was recently diagnosed with MS.
I drew some of her arms in KABUKI: The Alchemy #2 (you may recognize her name from that issue) and there is a photo of her with me and Mandy Amano and Rosario Dawson that you’ll probably see on DMG or floating around here somewhere.

Shelton Drum from Heroes Con is also organizing the art auction and participating in a bike tour to raise funds.
I’ll keep you updated as I get more info.
Here is what I have from Carollee and Shelton so far:

Hi David,

Thank you again for everything you are doing to help out with the auction. It means the world to me that you donated so many wonderful pieces. I have attached a copy of the fundraising letter that I was passing out at the show. Essentially, Shelton will be collecting pieces of art between now and September to auction on Ebay to raise funds for the national ms society. He wants to be TOP fundraiser this year so the more publicity the better!! Shelton and I will be doing some email reminders and some publicity on Newsarama (with the help of Matt Brady). I will make sure that you get a copy of anything we put out. Keep checking Newsarama and Heroes online for more information also.

Shelton—get in touch with when you can to discuss where to go from here!!

You are both very special to be and I appreciate all of your efforts.

Sincerely, Carolee

Have a wonderful day!

Carolee Merkle
National MS Society Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Data Specialist
704-525-2955 ext.113

Dear Friends,

Each year the National Multiple Sclerosis Society holds the MS 150 Breakaway to the Beach Bike Tour in South Carolina. Funds raised from this event go to directly benefit those living in the area with multiple sclerosis as well as their families. It’s the support of local communities that help fund research and programs for those living with MS in the Carolinas.

I participated in the bike tour last year but this year will have special meaning for me. I have become part of the Champions Against MS program which pairs up cyclists with people with MS. I have dedicated this year’s ride to Carolee Merkle who has been a special friend of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find for more than three years.

Each year I and thousands of other riders not only ride 150 miles in two days but we work hard in the months leading up to the bike tour to raise money for those with MS. This year I have decided to take my fundraising to the next level by holding my first art auction to benefit the National MS Society and I would like you to be a part of it.

My plan is to collect works of art between July and September to auction on Ebay. All proceeds will go directly to the National MS Society. Please help me surpass my fundraising goals and join the fight to end the devastating effects of MS.

If you are interested in participating please contact me at (704) 375-7462 or by email at Shelton@heroesonline.com. If you would like more information about the National MS Society please contact Carolee Merkle at (704) 525-2955 ext. 113 or by email at carolee.merkle@ncp.nmss.org.


Shelton Drum

07-31-2006, 05:38 AM
Definitely let us know when you get more info. I know a couple of people with MS and I'll do anything I can do for this cause.

07-31-2006, 10:12 AM
My cousin Melinda also copes with it everyday.

I'm sure any artists here are welcome to participate in donating some art to the auction or in any other way.

Please copy and paste this and pass it on. Put it on your site or other message boards.