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BWC Boston
04-12-2006, 08:51 PM
Benji Madden is a tough guy


Punk rock legend Benji Madden of Good Charlotte took time out from defiling gf Hillary Duff Saturday night to throw with an obnoxious fan at nightclub Don Hill's in TriBeCa. Sources say the tussle started when the guy grabbed Maddens hat and started taunting him. Madden then:

"wrestled him to the floor and started 'punching the [bleep] out of him,' our tipster says. After the clubgoer grabbed Madden's necklace, a security guard jumped in and put a choke hold on the instigator, who was ultimately kicked out."

Mental health experts agree that if you've ever gotten your ass kicked by Benji Madden, you should really go ahead and kill yourself. Because you're gonna be ridiculed forever. Singers who buy their punk rock clothes at a store next to Mrs. Fields in the mall aren't really known for their ass kicking. Unless he has some amulet that lets him morph into a bionic tiger, you just got beat up by a tubby poser in eyeliner who holds hands with Hillary Duff.

Source = Page Six

I know that banner picture is Benji and his brother Joel, and I should probably just have a picture of Benji, but I'm proud to say I have no idea which one is which.

update - As latin heart-breaker Linda quickly pointed out, Hillary Duff dates Joel Madden, not Benji, but I'm way too stuck up to change the post now.


Captain Sensation
04-12-2006, 09:09 PM

"Let go of my hat son, im from waldorf maryland, straight up!!!"