View Full Version : selling orginal comic pages

Jacob Lyon Goddard
03-05-2006, 08:52 AM
one of the funniest things about the NY con is that they had a Jaime Hernandez page of Izzy from L&R
a single pin-up done in the early-mid 90s, showing her as the burnt-out yet content middle aged woman she'd evolved into over the 15 or so years of the comic waking up in her bed to the sunrise
tucked in one of those black portfolio sleeves with a thousand other comics pages spread out over a table with the price tag of $700

a few block East at the Pratt Gallery's cartoonist show was a drawing from the exact same series, published as the next page in the comic, of Hopey
now a 30 something woman, still strong and beautiful, but with her craziest years behind her, sitting up in bed with the sun coming up in her window.
and it could sell off the gallery wall for $10,000

does this strike anyone as strange?
why would Jaime allow his work to be sold at conventions like that when they can get so much more money (and i'd imagine respect) in other venues?

Caley Tibbittz
03-05-2006, 09:25 AM
Perhaps the page at the convention was being resold. He may have not been at all involved with it.