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01-20-2006, 02:38 AM
Thought I'd share it here just in case anyone was interested:

Hi my name is Parminder Kaur and i am a student in the UK at university in Coventry doing a graphic design degree. I am in my final year and at the stage of doing my dissertation. i am looking at Rules within an artists work and i would like to ask you some questions about your work and how rules of graphic design are applied in your work.

pls if you could answer these questions i would be very grateful

Hi Parminder!

1 when you started your wotk as an illustrator how did you first go about applying rules of graphic design to your work?
DM: I was taught graphic design as a synthesis of type and Image. And I used that approach in my work in comic books and graphic novels.

2 as you got more into your work have the rules changed and if so how?
DM: To tell you the truth I donít have any rules. I just seek to integrate the writing and the images and the type into a story until they are one thing and indistinguishable from the other.

3 have the changes made your work strong or taken your work into a different direction?

4 do you believe in abiding by these rules?
DM: I consider rules to be ingrained patterns that are mistaken for truth. There is nothing wrong with rules necessarily. They are like railroad tracks. If you want to go where the track takes you they are fine.
But if you want to do something innovative and not hit the same stops on the railroad as everyone elseÖ
You have to leave the tracks!

5 have you made your own rules and how you came about these in your work?
DM: I donít know how familiar you are with my work or with my Kabuki stories. But the newest issue of Kabuki from the current story KABUKI: The Alchemy actually talks about this very thing.
Kabuki The Alchemy #6. It ships in February. It is about where ideas come from, some of my personal guides to generating ideas, and about how avoiding rules and breaking rules leads to the truly innovative ideas.

For additional information I suggest you go to davidmackguide.com. It is a very extensive fan site of my work. There are scores of archived interviews about my work process and work philosophies as well as photos of my work process and much more. It is updated with news every weekday.


these are a few questions i ahve managed to pull up but would be happy if you have any addtional information that would help to me

i would like to thankyou for taking your time in reading and answering my questions and look forward to hearing from you

01-20-2006, 09:00 AM
Looking forward to this issue!