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12-22-2005, 09:11 PM
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As promised Tuesday when – as Brad Meltzer put it – “one of the worst kept secrets in comics” was confirmed, Newsarama recently spent a few moments with Meltzer to talk about his upcoming June 2006 Justice League of America relaunch with artist Ed Benes.

Now June is a long ways away, and there is still a lot of Infinite Crisis to go, the events and aftermath of which play a significant part in the future of his Meltzer’s or any other Justice League (more on that in a moment), so as you can imagine there was much he couldn’t reveal this far in advance. But the DC exclusive writer of Identity Crisis and Green Arrow still gave us the opportunity to pose some early questions and respond to the ones he could, and politely dodge the rest…

Newsarama: Brad, you told us the other day that coming back to DC to write JLA … scratch that … Justice League of America was as simple as DC asking, but seriously – were you planning on making an out and out pitch for the series sooner or later, or had you let them know that you were really, really interested?

Brad Meltzer: They knew I was interested. They've always known. Anyone who's spent ten minutes with me knows. And the timing just worked out.

NRAMA: In past chats when we’ve talked about you writing comics again, it was always something that had to be considered in light of your schedule with your novels. So – how is at least a year on JLofA going to work out in regard to your other work?

BM: No question, a year is a long time, but I wanted to be more committed to it than just jumping in and leaving. I wanted to see this one fully through. As for what had to give, I couldn't do it all, and what really wound up giving was me pursuing a TV project this season. But comics are my love and you have to chase your love.

NRAMA: Obviously, and you’ve said it before – the JLofA are very near and dear to you, and that love of the team goes way back. Why? What is it about the team, or the idea of the team that hooked you and holds you?

BM: I think it was always about the idea of not being alone. As a kid, I felt very much alone. I had friends - great friends - but the League and the idea of standing up for each other and someone always being there for you during your hardest moment and never ever giving up on each other no matter what - that's my dream to this day.

NRAMA: For you, what have been the defining eras of the League?

BM: I think everything from the frozen-as-trees adventure, up to and including the Satellite years are one great beautiful uninterrupted era for me because those were the stories I grew up with. Then, as for the defining moments: Detroit, Giffen/DeMatteis (which seemed like the most amazing breath of fresh air), and [Grant] Morrison's amazing return. Of course, Geoff [Johns] and Allan's [Heinberg’s] story was incredible and there are hundreds of stories in between, including old Secret Society of Super Villains stories, but those to me are the true big eras.

NRAMA: Given those, are you looking to recapture particular elements, or forge new ground, entirely?

BM: In my best fantasies, a bit of both.

NRAMA: While suggesting the “Big 3” of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are pretty good bets to be part of your League, you’ve said that the book won’t be a return to the “Big Seven.” Why not? For you personally, what doesn’t work, or doesn’t appeal to you about that approach?

BM: Of course I love the “Big Seven”. It's what brought me back to the book. But for me, the best part of the old Satellite League was having the bigshots in there and being able to do the character work that can only come out of the smaller characters. Superman's great, but in the old issues, they got more stories out of Zatanna. Captain America's great, but Marvel got more [Avengers] stories out of Vision. It's the same today. Wolverine's great, but I'm loving Spider-Woman.

NRAMA: Given that the relaunch is taking place in the “One Year Later” period…how much metaphorical water has gone under the bridge for the JLofA? Any hints as to why the “Trinity” would want to try another go of it after how poorly the last one ended?

BM: Readers will have to wait and see.

NRAMA: Fair enough. Can you speak at all as to what will be the lynchpin for your JLofA? Will it be a common threat that brings them together again, reminding them of the good they can do? Infinite Crisis is exploring the ideology of what it means to be a hero. Will it be an idea, or an ideal, that reunites the “Big Three” and a new League?

BM: I think it depends on each individual character. Some come for ideas. Some come for ideals. The best part is the different motivations.

NRAMA: Overall, perhaps the two defining JLA stories of the last ten years were your own Identity Crisis, which underneath was about an internal conflict and philosophical differences in the characters, and Morrison's JLA run, which was about BIG, every-escalating action...which approach will your Justice League most resemble?

BM: I still believe that the smallest moments can be the biggest moments, but it's silly to say one is "better" than the other, or even that you can only choose "one." Like most people, I love Dark Knight Returns because it made the small seem so damn big. But I also love She-Hulk, because it's smart and cosmic and fun. My favorite JLA stories are the big giant crossovers with the JSA, and the small character moments when Iris died, and Morrison's giant Omega Darkseid, and Giffen/DeMatteis's down-to-earth punching of Guy Gardner, and ... you get the point.

NRAMA: Given that you’ve said for you, it’s largely about the interpersonal relations and internal conflicts within a team…how does that weigh into the Justice League? Do the teammates need to get along?

BM: They do need to. And they should.

NRAMA: How much of your League’s internal administration and organization will be as a result of the conflicts Identity Crisis Crisis set in motion? Will you be spending any time setting up how the League will operate in terms of the decisions they make, and who leads them in the field?

BM: That’s another readers will have to wait and see.

NRAMA: Anything you can say on team dynamics? How will they operate, will there be any oversight etc?

BM: Ditto.

NRAMA: Okay… To clear up one matter, this week’s Wizard included news that Lex Luthor will have a Justice League of his own…this isn’t that, right?

BM: That isn't this. This is exactly what you think it is. The return of the Justice League of America.

NRAMA: Speaking of which, the re-addition/establishment of “America” to the title. How will that be addressed or play into things?

BM: Wait and see...

NRAMA: Any early thoughts on what will be a suitable headquarters for a new Justice League? There’s a warehouse in Detroit…

BM: There's also a satellite that's sunk in Michigan.

NRAMA: Speaking of team makeup and a new headquarters – there seems to be a movement to make sure DC’s properties, if not out and out agree and match, are similar to each other across the various media. As such, is your Justice League going to be in any way similar to Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited?

BM: It's funny, but I don't see that movement. I think everyone tries to put out their best work and if it collides, yay team.

NRAMA: Last we saw of the Atom we believe was in Identity Crisis #7. It'll be a couple years since we've seen him by the time your Justice League. Any chance Ray Palmer may be making a comeback with the new team?

BM: Like I'd tell you [laughs].

NRAMA: Okay, you know what, we’re going to do you favor and not even ask about additional team members this early one, but to wrap things up… You’re on for a year. Any teases as to what we’ll see in that year – be as vague as you’d like, but just a whiff of a tease of a hint? [off the record begging and pleading].

BM: The League was always about action and adventure and the characters you love. That's all I wish for the book.

Andrew j
12-22-2005, 09:18 PM
I'm in.

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12-22-2005, 09:21 PM
As long as DC produces a timely Trade Paperback of this. I'm definitely in!!!
No 2007 Trade for the 1st 6 Issues.