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08-05-2005, 05:09 PM
I was just curious if anyone saw this last night. It looks like we got this about 4 years after it began over in England, but better late than never, right?

I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the entire series. I think there are 8 episodes total for this season.

Really funny look at an irresponsible teacher and his friends. Here is what BBC America says about it.


Starring Andrew Lincoln (of This Life and Love Actually), Teachers is an eight-part drama about a group of high school teachers who have more in common with their students than they'd like to admit. They sneak into the restroom for a smoke, always have an excuse for why they're late, and have their own cliques, bullies, and gossips.

When Teachers begins, Simon (Andrew Lincoln) has just turned 27, and is no longer able to use his youth transit pass. He should be at a different stage in his life, but he hasn't yet figured out what kind of adult he is going to be. He has the help of his three best friends, over-eager gym teacher Brian Steadman (Adrian Bower of Inspector Lynley), computer teacher Kurt McKenna (Navin Chowdhry of Dalziel and Pascoe), and psychology teacher Susan Gately (Raquel Cassidy of The Worst Week of My Life), who share pints, homes, and provide the occasional important alibi.

Simon still lives with his father, but when his dad comes home with a hot babe who has a four-year-old babe of her own, Simon is crowded out of his home. At work, Simon locks horns with Jenny (Nina Sosanya of Love Actually and The Jury), a stunning and stunningly uptight English teacher. In the classroom he is hassled by Jeremy, a student hungry to learn more. Even his love life is rife with problems. While Simon flaunts an anti-establishment pose with his students, he is secretly in love with police sergeant, Maggie (Zoe Telford of Second Sight).

Executive producer Jane Fallon (This Life) says, "This isn't a series about the education system. This is a humorous look at about how being teachers can affect young adults. They aren't that different from their pupils smoking behind the bike sheds, making up ridiculous excuses, arguing with their parents, and being late for school. This is what teachers get up to when they have no desk to hide behind."

Teachers was nominated for Best Drama series at the Royal Television Society Awards and Best Drama at the Indie Awards. It is a Tiger Aspect production. The series producer is Tim Bradley, the director is Richard Dale, and the executive producer is Jane Fallon.