View Full Version : New Comic Day in need of new colorist

06-14-2011, 06:51 PM
Hey guys, I know I barely post threads anymore. I try not to and just participate in others. But I need help. (and if this thread isn't allowed, just delete or close it I guess?)

The current colorist on my webcomic has got extremely busy this year on paying gigs (on projects including the darkwing duck book) and wont be joining us for year most of year 3 and the immediate future.

Anyways we are in need of a new colorist and I figured I'd try the Bendis board to see if anyone was up for it.

Check out my signature to check out the actual comic and email me at Eric@comicrelated.com if interested so I can send you the samples to see if your style will work with the strip and Chad's artwork. Sadly it's unpaid work but is getting your name out there.