View Full Version : [HELP!] Road trip from Austin to San Diego...suggestions on stops along the way?

06-11-2011, 07:19 PM
I'm planning to head out to San Diego for Comic Con next month and my wife and I were originally going to fly, but have started discussing making this a road trip vacation instead. We've done the drive multiple times in the past (she has family in the SD area so we go regularly), but every other time we've just taken the fastest route. Typically spending the night somewhere along I-10 between El Paso and Tucson and making it to SD in two long days of driving.

We were discussing the idea of taking a extra day this time, getting away from the desolation of I-10, and seeing some sights along the way! I don't know a whole hell of a lot about New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, etc. but just quickly searching I've come up with a few ideas. We could drive from Austin to Roswell, NM in about 9hrs...spend the night there and then see the sights the next morning. Then Roswell to the Grand Canyon National Park in about 9-10hrs, spend the night and see the sights that evening / the next morning. Then drive in to SD in about 9hrs the next day. Could also skip the Canyon and head to Las Vegas for a night of craziness, then on to SD.

I've asked a few friends who have been to Roswell and they've kind of been apathetic about it. Definitely haven't heard that it's a must see, but is there anywhere better to stop between Austin, TX and the Canyon / Las Vegas? I'd like to keep the drive pretty even over the 3 days...rather not drive several hours out of the way and then have to circle back to get to the next stop making one or more leg 12hrs or more.

Are any of you from these areas? Have you been there before? Is there someplace you'd recommend along the way that I haven't thought of? Any help or ideas would be great...I'm very much in the early planning stages, but I think this could be a fun trip and make the potential tediousness of a long road trip more exciting!