View Full Version : Does Wonder Woman still have one foot in the Golden Age?

12-02-2010, 11:46 AM
Wow - my first post on this forums:)

So, don't You think, that Wonder Woman as character is still one foot in Golden Age? I suppose, that no one ever worked on this character on the 'modernization' level. All of the DC heroes (okay, most of them) are constantly modernized. Every generation gets it's own version of character. People change, their needs, fears, politics, technology, way of life and so on. So, Superman has been changed, Batman evolved, Joker or Green Lantern Corps. Don't You think, that Diana was excluded from this process?

Let's look on the outfit. The original one, not this beta version, which works now. Of course, most of the heroines look like strippers (I suppose it's part of the comic hero convention and I have nothing against it:), but no one wears US flag on her... bottom. Add to it red shoes and we've got picture of teen on 4th of the July parade. Next - gear. Here everything seems ok, but don't You think, that Lasso Of Truth is heavily outdated? I think now not about idea ('truth') but as an prop. I know, that Batman's batarang is working since decades (same with Green Lantern's ring), but it was epic idea since the day one. Here we've got... magic rope forcing people to tell the truth? Could Princess of Amazons be given weapon more 'modern'? Lasso reminds me XVIII century, running after mustangs and westerns, but not quasi-Greek warrior raised by women dedicated to warfare.

Second problem was in the past discussed by Joss Whedon - this is sexuality aspect. I have the impression, that this subject is forbidden somehow. Our heroine is absolutely asexual (despite her looks and outfit). Why nobody add to this character some femininity? In Frank's Miller parody (Batman/Robin Boy Wonder) WW is a sexual predator, almost nymphomaniac. I agree with opinions, that is wrong vision, but during the reading, I was stunned, how it's changes character, enhancing her, just because this particular one element! My first thought was "What would Diana be as lover/wife/etc. ?" According to Aristotle, fictional character must be as close to reader's experience as possible to make it more believable. And every reader fall in love, have sex, is cheated by lover and so on. Why by some cosmic fortune Diana is so cold? She's a woman for Pete's sake! I don't want to say, that I want to see her naked or making love or something - but I would love to see her more human.

And here is also another problem - in my opinion Diana is... empty. She has no such a vivid character like Dinah Lance (BoP by Gail Simone) or Selina Kyle. While reading WW dialogues I can't say without pictures, that: "for 100%, this is Diana Prince speaking that for sure! That's her - hers psychology, character, morals". I have the impression, that writers don't have an idea for WW or they can't get "green light" for revolution from editors, which is necessary. It looks like Diana is on some 'black list' of evolution, which is ongoing Batman certainly excluded from (what G.Morrison is doing with Batman is bloody revolution - I'm not judging it - right/wrong direction, just the amount of new ideas is amazing). Second, I can't see moral values that WW stands for. I know why Batman puts his mask on, Deadshot too:) But I don't know why Diana "is doing what she's doing". For years there is dogma, that WW represent "truth", which Lasso of Truth reminds of. Why then some brave writer won't send her after White House/Congress/UN in example? This is huge room to maneuver! Don't cheat our self - politicians are biggest liars in the Universe:) Of course, I don't think now about "politics commentary", i.e. "Obama is good/bad president" - politics and art should not mix, but national heroin, who can defeat God Of War, should stand from time to time before people and speak "truth" (whatever this 'truth' is). This could be very interesting and "adult" approach. Or not:)

Am I wrong? :)


I'm huge WW fan:)