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Zac Goyette
11-11-2010, 03:32 PM

Plenty of comic fans have bought a piece of original work to support an up-and-coming artist, but in the case of 5-year-old Kansas native Aidan Reed, people across the world have been finding that supporting his creativity helps him fight something bigger and far scarier than monsters and supervillains: Leukemia.

"Aidan's pretty energetic. His big thing is putting on costumes – classic horror like Jason and Freddy, but he's also into the Hulk, Wolverine and things like that," Aidan's father Wylie Reed told CBR News of the young horror and comics fan's passions. "He's got quite the collection of Marvel classic characters, and if he's not doing his costumes or drawing, he's usually playing with those. I joke with people about how half our furniture is hand-me-downs, but I've invested about $2,000 in obscure Marvel stuff."

Of course, the extra money in the Reed household hasn't been going for action figures over the past year. The family (who just welcomed their second child Amry a few months back) had their lives turned upside down earlier this year. A three week cough and an unexpected lethargic streak in Aidan (what Reed described as "an extreme change in behavior and personality") dealt a shocking blow to his parents after a bone marrow test confirmed their fear of a Leukemia diagnosis.

Jason California
11-11-2010, 03:42 PM
checked out. thanks.