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06-18-2010, 09:12 PM
I guess Mack's character's speak to us all in different ways. Each Noh has her followers. For me, and reasons I won't go into its Scarab & Tigerlily are what makes the series. I've built up a small collection of commissions based around these characters (especially because Keiko 'ain't coming back!), because they mean a lot in my world and its fun to see how they are interpreted by different artists.
Figured I'd share my latest one and its story.
SCARAB by DANIEL VANDRELL ( please check this URL...sorry I can't post images directly in a thread!)


is by a Spanish artist - Daniel Vandrell, who works almost entirely in digital painting. I've admired his style & work for sometime, and thanks to a friend who met him at a con in Spain this year I had the chance to arrange a commission from him. So of course I asked for scarab, a character he wasn't familiar with but expressed great interest in painting after seeing the cover to Masks of the Noh.
After we chatted about character background, story etc he turned the attached piece around in a week. He went to great lengths to ensure the face represented her Japanese ethnicity accurately, and understand the importance of the character -The result just blew me away, he pretty much did a photo-realistic portrait of scarab which is just beautiful and in my opinion as a reader nailed what i saw in the character of Keiko.
He also has some close up images and his thoughts on his blog (if you use chrome it has an option to translate the text to English) during process:
So figured I'd post it here for the rest of my fellow kabuki fans to share in.
Its completely digital, first time I've arranged a piece in that medium....but he's an incredibly talented artist and its amazing to think its all done in digital. Plan is to blow it up on some glossy paper as big as the printers will go lol.
Hope everyone enjoys, and if anyone wants to check out the rest of his work/commissions (which is all just as awesome) you can find Daniel on Deviant Art here - he sure deserves the shout out:

thanks for taking the time to check it out.

06-23-2010, 09:40 AM
Quite good!