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Think NASCAR or Formula One racing in the sky, using rocket-powered aircraft flown by Top Gun pilots and astronauts. It’s the closest thing to Star Wars Pod Racing here on Earth.

For the thousands of fans on-site, as well as millions at home, the Rocket Racing League® will transform 21st Century racing as we know it. To be held at venues across the country, RRL will feature multiple rocket races, from closed circuit to drag-style racing, pitting 2 to 10 Rocket Racer® aircraft roaring head-to-head for victory. The closed circuit format is planned to be a 4-lap, multiple elimination heat on a 5-mile Formula One-style Raceway-In-The-Sky™. The drag style race will feature two Rocket Racers soaring in tandem just 20 feet apart.

The future of RRL will include multiple airframes and propulsion systems to develop the X-Racers. Currently, RRL is using a Velocity airframe and a single-thrust liquid oxygen (LOX) and ethanol rocket engine developed by Armadillo Aerospace, led by John Carmack (Doom and Quake). Unlike a jet engine that burns oxygen from the atmosphere as its oxidizer, the X-Racer, flying at 300 mph, carries its own oxidizer in the form of liquid oxygen.

Rocket Racer® pilots, some of the best acrobatic, military and test pilots in the world, race their vehicles through an RRL-developed Raceway-In-The-Sky (RITS) – a custom Cockpit-based Augmented Reality System projected onto 3D helmet displays. Fans also see the racing action live and in real-time on large projection screens fed by the Ground-based Augmented Reality System. The millions of fans watching on televisions and PCs at home experience the thrill of Rocket Racing via unique remote and rocket-mounted cameras that give at-home fans the sensation of riding right alongside the famed Rocket Racing League pilots.

On the gaming front, RRL immerses fans in a new level of interactive gaming through an entire virtual racing league. RRL’s game approach is multi-platform, to attract casual/social players as well as seasoned multiplayer online gamers.

Official team recruitment begins in 2010 as the Rocket Racing League continues its World Exhibition Tour. The launch of the 2010 Tour is the QuikTrip Air & Rocket Racing Show, April 24 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Is it sad that I thought of him first?


Otherwise damn this sounds pretty cool.