View Full Version : Need some promotion ideas

03-07-2010, 11:29 PM
So my webcomic, Living With Insanity, just came back from hiatus and I recently got a job that pays more cash, so what I wanted to do was make the comic bigger this year, get some more readers and maybe make a move to get the comic to start making some money. But, first thing's first, readers.

Since the comic just came back from hiatus, I want to do a major promotion, to let everyone know it's back if they were a fan or that it exists if they've never heard of it. I've bought ad space, I've told friends to tell their friends, stuff like that, but I want to do more.

So fellow Benboers, can you help me out? Any ideas you have to help exposure would be great. I'll listen to anything, even if you think it's stupid or you think I've probably already done it.

Thanks in advance.