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10-27-2009, 10:46 AM
Normally, it would be considered rude to tell someone that he has a god complex, but it's actually true in the case of acclaimed comic book creator Michael Avon Oeming. The co-creator of "Powers," "Mice Templar," and "Rapture" is spearheading yet another creator-owned series at Image Comics in the form of "God Complex." Oeming will co-write and provide cover art for the new ongoing series, which is co-written by Dan Berman and illustrated by newcomer John Broglia.

"'God Complex' follows one of my favorite themes--and admittedly, a well-trodden theme, especially in comics--that being the idea of gods living amongst us in our everyday lives," Oeming told CBR News of "God Complex's" central premise.

The story focuses on Apollo, the Greek god who's been worshiped in connection with the sun, healing, music and even his proficiency as an archer, which presumably remains in place given Oeming's cover for the first issue. But when we meet our protagonist in the first issue of the series, Apollo has taken on a decidedly less godly name and way of life.

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