View Full Version : Just finished re-reading the Bagley run on USM

The Goddamn Schweitz!
10-08-2009, 07:32 PM
With the relaunch of the Ultimate titles, and the Ultimates omnibus from a month or so back, I thought I'd re-read everything I had of the ultimate line. Trying to buy less new things, so actually picking up stuff in the collection to read again is becoming a hobby. It's great to have a stack of over a hundred Spider-Man issues at your disposal.

So about a month back I started re-reading Ultimate Spider-Man and I just finished issue 111 where Bagley leaves. It's interested sitting and reading an entire arc in one sitting because you kind of realize how few overall stories have been told for 111 issues. Don't get me wrong, there was still a lot of work put into them and all, but interesting.

It was also interesting seeing how plots for the comic have been building. Seeing characters like Green Goblin and Kingpin appear more than once really shows a character arc for the villains as well as the hero.

Bagley is one of my favorite Spider-Man artists cause he was the one penciling Amazing when I started reading it, and I have to say, he will always be one of my favorites. Could definitely tell when the art started to get a little stale at some points, but the final arc, Ultimate Warriors, was really strong. Amazing to think that they got that many issues out in, what, like, seven or eight years of being on that book?

Will probably start the Immonen run tomorrow, which I look forward to, even if I never enjoyed his art on the title as much as Bags. Maybe with this second read of it I'll have a new appreciation for it.

All in all, great 111 issues of comics.