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06-20-2005, 03:29 PM
i was going through my room cleaning up when i found this paper from sixth grade. it was this goofy short story assignment i had to do. so i typed it up and thought id share..haha i weirded my teacher out and got an A at the same time

its somewhat long so be forewarned.. but enjoy! haha feel free to tell me how crappy it is

The Nuclear Nightmare!
by Justin Freeman

Secret City Weapon Testing Labs

“Spy Guy. In a few minutes you will see history. This new attack satellite cam aim laser beams anywhere in the world and destroy that place.” explained Dr. Z.

“Where is it aimed now?” Spy Guy asked.

“It’s target is a deserted island off the coast of South America.” the doctor said.

“The test will start in 30 seconds.” said a computer.

They turned their attention to the screen that would show the island’s destruction. There was a bright blue beam. Then it hit the island. When the smoke cleared, the island was completely demolished.

“Good job doctor.” said Spy Guy. “But I have one question. This is a very powerful weapon. What if it got into the wrong hands?”

“I’m well aware of the risks.” the doctor said.

Just outside, a man jumps the fence. He runs swiftly across the road leading to the radioactive core. A guard sees the man. “Hey! You! Stop before I am forced to shoot!” The man pulls out a Stinger, a gun which knocks you unconsciousness, and shoots and leaves the helpless guard.

He reaches to core. He opens the door and enters. “If I can destroy this weapon, Secret City will be defenseless and I will crush it!” he thought as he started pulling out wires.

Then something happened. Something that would change his life forever. Some radioactive mist leaked from the machine and the man breathed it all in. The man grabbed his body in pain as he fell down to the down and blackness overcame him.

A few hours later he woke up. “You’re still alive. That’s a good thing.” Dr. Z said.

“Who are you? Where am I?” the man asked.

“I might be asking you the same. I am Dr. Z and you are very lucky to be alive with all that radioactivity you inhaled. But there appears to be some….complications.”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?”

“Your genetic DNA has mutated. You now have a superhuman ablity.”

“To do what?”
“To control radioactivity.”

“I can control that now?”

“Yes. Yes, you can. But I hope your newfound powers the help mankind.”

“Oh, I will.” the man said as he smiled insincerely

“Well that’s good news. There’s one more test to do. A x-ray test.”

The two men went to the x-ray room. The man laid down on the table and the doctor turned on the machine. All of a sudden, a flash of light came from the man’s hands. He then focused a beam towards Dr. Z.

“FOOL! With this new power I will use your satellite as a battery and I will become a God! Then the world’s military and political powers must surrender or be destroyed! Be destroyed by the mighty hand of Ground Zero! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

Ground Zero focused another beam making a hole through the wall and escaped.

“Oh my! What have I done?” Dr. Z thought.

He called for Spy Guy and told him what happened. Spy Guy went to the weapons room and grabbed a .45

“Good luck, Spy Guy.” Dr. Z said as Spy Guy left for the only chance to save the world. At the satellite, Ground Zero was waiting.

“Welcome. I’ve been expecting you.” Ground Zero said as he charged a beam of radioactivity. “Now prepare to die!”

Ground Zero shot his deadly beam at Spy Guy. He dodged the blast and tried to shoot the villain.

“Fool! Don’t you realize that bullets cannot harm me!” Ground Zero shouted as he shot another blast at Spy Guy hitting him and knocking him down on the floor away from his gun. Ground Zero kept shooting Spy Guy with blast after blast making weaker and closer to death.

“Now that you have sampled my awesome power,” Ground Zero said as he charged a incredibly powerful blast that would surely kill Spy Guy, “prepare to get a full taste!”

Spy Guy remembered the dehydrator and pulled it out. Ground Zero kicked the weapon from Spy Guys weak hands. “Pathetic! I am invincible and more powerful than the wrath of God himself! Nobody can compare with my power! Now prepare to meet your painful demise! Hahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahaha!!!”

Ground Zero tried to shoot his charged up blast but felt a strange twitch instead.

“What’s going on? My powers! What’s happening?”

In his confusion Spy Guy kicked him in the gut. Spy Guy rose to his feet while Ground Zero was hunched over in pain and punched him across the face.

Ground Zero spit out small traces of blood then screamed, “It’s not over yet! Even without my powers I will destroy you!!” “Bring it on scumbag” Spy Guy said.

Spy Guy punched him again. But Ground Zer was no pushover. He punched Spy Guy with his heavy arms and kicked him to the ground. Spy Guy noticed the gun was next to him and picked it up.

“I will enjoy watching you die!” Ground Zero said menacingly. “So will I!” Spy Guy said as he shot the villain until he fell to the ground

Later back at the lab.

“Is he dead?” Spy Guy asked.

“No. He got shot in the arm and lost a lot of blood but he’ll survive.”

“What about his powers? What happened?”

“I don’t know exactly. He didn’t know the limits of his powers I’m guessing. He must have overused them and needed to recharge by absorbing more radiation. But you know what? I’m going to take your advice. This weapon to powerful for something like this to happen again. Im going to destroy it.”

“That’s good news doctor. If you don’t mind im going to pass out in my bed.”

Meanwhile……at the jail cell of ground Zero

“Soon Spy Guy. When my powers return, I will destroy you!” He looked at his lightly glowing hands. “Yes soon. Very soon. Hahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha!”

greg donovan
06-20-2005, 04:17 PM
i found a story i did in junior high. it was fun to read. it was about an abducted child. got a a for mechanics but a be for content for some reason. what threw the teacher off was that the woman kept saying "what" took my baby. and he kep correcting me in red pen with a big "who?" after it every time.

it was a alien abduction story and some how the moter knew it was not a who but a what that took her child. spaceship left and child was never found. it was kind of depressing actually.

however it was not as depressing aas the essay on where i thought my life would be.

apparently i am supposed to be in europe designing race cars for mercedes of porsche right now. sigh.