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His story of grade school crime involving monkeybars, hocking and child injury is too good! Yes, there are not guns, no noir or drugs but there IS a devilish yet innocent intent here that makes it my favorite. They were all great stories, many of them well written with a sharp sense of irony.

Good job guys and congrats to Bluethunderarmy!

"It's, you know, probably nothing. Probably. I just can't help feeling, though, that maybe I did it.

We were on the monkey bars at first recess, you know? I can make it all the way across, but Nick is a wuss. His arms get all shaky after about three bars. He jumped down. We left. First, though, I hocked a loogie and wiped it on the bars. Whoever goes on the monkey bars next, they'll put their hand right in it!

During second recess, Kyle fell off the monkey bars. An ambulance came. He's hurt pretty bad. Like, something's broken. Not just an arm or a leg. Not just.

That was in the afternoon, though. A loogie would be dry by then, wouldn't it? It wouldn't still be slippery? But what did I mean by it, sliming the bars like that? What did I think would happen?

It would be dry. Kyle's hurt. But it's not my fault. My spit dried up way before then. "


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Just way too cool!

The story.

And Mike choosing it as the winner!!!!

I almost said "pick" but then thought better of it...
Who knows what could have happened: someone could have read it and slipped.

Wouldn't be my fault...would it.

That's not a question. It's a statement.

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Dude! Congrats.

I have to admit, I agree with Oeming.

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Aw, thanks all!

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Ha, cool. Congrats!

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hehe. Nice one!