View Full Version : Citizentim’s Spy6teen on Zuda this month! Pls read and vote!

Tim Simmons
04-06-2009, 10:11 AM
Well, I’ve joined the ranks of many other Bboard’s and I’ve tossed my hat into the Zuda ring. Sam Little, Adam “Oysterboy” Atherton, Rado, Dan L Taylor, Neilbo400, Steveapalooza, and Neil Kleid—I’m looking at you guys!

I couldn’t be happier to have this comic up on Zuda and to finally have the chance to show it off to all of you!

Spy6teen (http://zudacomics.com/node/1128) is written by yours truly, penciled by a fantastic artist from Hawaii, DJ Keawekane, colored by Lisa Moore and lettered by Brant W. Fowler,

By now, I’m sure most of you know the whole Zuda rap, but just in case you don’t:
It’s DC comic’s webcomic initiative. Each month, 10 comics are selected and a voting process ensues. The comic with the most views/votes/favorites at the end of the month gets to carry on their story for the next year.

So I come to you, the board, and I humbly ask for your support. If you could just take a few minutes out of your day and hook a brother up with your vote—well, I’ll obviously do my very best to return a favor to you.

I’ll have a production blog, a facebook page and a bunch of other stuff in the upcoming weeks that I’m hoping you’ll be a part of as well—but the main thing is the vote, which you can do here:

Jinxworld, will you rally behind me?

Thanks in advance,

Tim “Citizentim” Simmons