View Full Version : Question about comic book writing

01-16-2009, 11:35 AM
Hey Dan,

(As if you aren't already busy) I'm working on a comic book story that I plan on pitching to Image (once I secure an artist, of course) and am having a bit of trouble.The story itself gives an origin to a specific genre cliche. To paraphrase I take two brothers expose them to some advanced technology and the results are the building blocks for said genre cliche. My problem is this; I have the entire story beat(ed) out but I'm curious whether or not to tell/show different parts in a montage.

The reason I ask is because though I have the story mapped out from beginning to end, the parts that I would show as a montage would make a GREAT series (IMHO) in and of itself once the overall story is told. For instance, the Star Wars movies showed us (more or less) bits of the Clone Wars but the Clone Wars itself made for a nice little series. Same thing (sorta). I've got a story within the overall story. I'd like to skip through it (that which I'd montage), tease at it, then fully give it to the reader later.

Should I even bother or tell the entire story and detail that which I would've made a montage? In my mind this montage question would make the difference between an 8-issue mini and a 12+ maxi.

Any ideas?