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10-19-2008, 06:17 PM
had a lil fun here today. there were a number of live-action celebs and some comic folks, too. adam west was there, and caused a little controversy..he was charging $50 -- FIVE-ZERO -- for a signature...but then he was taking pics with folks who had pre-paid next to the '66 batmobile, and as he walked away a guy goes "i drove a half-hour to get here to have you sign this!" and waved an item at adam...who gave him the well-known dry look...then walked over AND SIGNED IT. the guy who worked there goes "uh, sir, there's a fee for these things" but adam didnt get any money, then left for the day! a few foks who wanted things signed (and KNEW what he was charging) were standing there and seemed a bit miffed...ah well. adam seems to have it down, as i have never seen anyone charge that much at a show...pretty crazy. i would like to share MY adam west signed picture, which i got at an auto show in cleveland in probably 1980 or something. if you can tell, the only thing he wrote on this picture was MY name (where it says "bobby"), the rest of his signature WAS ALREADY PRINTED ON THE PICTURE! ha. here it is:


got to meet bryan jl glass...hi bryan! i was the guy who mentioned seeing you on these boards but thought you might not know me yet as i'm pretty new still...

saw art balthazar again. he's a fun guy! and the willingness to draw ANYTHING is so great. my g/f fell in love with bumblebee of tiny titans when we met art a couple weeks ago. so, today i was alone, and she asked me to see if he'd draw our family pic. and, he did, so here's us:
a couple questions: 1) since he only had DC paper (i cropped it, but wanted to show that, haha), does DC own my likeness now? :) and 2: i wasn't wearing a green shirt in the photo he drew this from, so do we think he did that to play up what looks to me like his decision to make me Shaggy? heh.

got a few good deals: 1/2 off on the BKV Escapists HC, the Queen & Country Definitive Vol. 1...deals on Powers trade vol. 9, Union Jack the Cassaday trade, Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 1 trade...also got some Perhapanauts (dezago and rousseau were there); mice templar (hi bryan!), some patrick the wolf boy...

well, fun little show i guess. nice meeting you bryan!

-bob :)

10-19-2008, 06:30 PM
Was looking forward to going but came down with the flu. Adam West sounds like a tool. He was paid $30,000 to show up and still charged $50 a pop to scribble his name on shit. Cheezus Christ.

How was the comic side of the show?

10-19-2008, 07:10 PM
i was there today (sunday) and hung out some some buds (josh medors and bryan glass)
me, bryan and his lovely wife judy went out for dinner afterwards....they are both a class act.

i picked up:
-spiderman love mary jane harcover V2 (half off cover)
-bunch of superhero prints from artist alley.....have no idea why...not going to hang them up anywhere, but i bought them anyway
-life on mars season 1 and 2 complete for $35.00
-lobo/ambush bug mini mates 2 pack ($6.00)
-and josh gave me some original art....so thats cool.