View Full Version : Weird audio glitches with my new HDTV on HD channels

Evan Wiener
10-06-2008, 06:52 AM
I just got a new Samsung HDTV a couple of months ago and have noticed that the audio on the HD channels starts becoming all warbled, similar to when a cell phone call starts getting weird interference. The video doesn't seem to suffer like the audio does. This doesn't happen on any standard definition channels, just their HD siblings.

I don't have the TV hooked up to a digital cable box, the input is coming through a coaxial line, into a DVD recorder, then into the digital TV.

Anyone have any suggestions on why this may be happening? Is this a bandwidth problem, a possible problem with the cable line, or the TV itself?

I should try connecting my digital cable box from my downstairs TV and see if that prevents it. I'd hate to have to rent another cable box from Comcast.