View Full Version : Comic Film Tourney '08 Round 1 - X-men vs Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

07-30-2008, 03:59 AM
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What happens when a toad gets struck by lightning vs Doom on a surfboard. Vote for the best comic film!



07-30-2008, 04:13 AM
Didn't hate FF2, but don't think it's as good as X-Men (which wasn't too great either IMO).

07-30-2008, 04:17 AM
X-Men is maybe the only comic movie ever to improve the comics it was based on. The positive influence of that movie gave us better X comics than we had seen in almost a decade. It gets my vote for that reason alone.

07-30-2008, 04:26 AM
Only saw FF II once. X-Men stands out more for me.

Joe Kalicki
07-30-2008, 05:24 AM
This is tough. I really think the X-Men movie is mostly crap, while the FF movie is mostly good. . . BUT, the good of X-Men is better than the good of FF, and the crap of FF is worse than the crap of X-Men.

Horizon Drive
07-30-2008, 05:56 AM
Let's see, X-Men is similar to Batman (89) in the respect that it was great at the time and elevated the whole genre, but hasn't aged well.

FF 2 - is very claustrophobic and grounded movie for such a potentially expansive and epic story. The Silver Surfer parts are very cool.

Ultimately I have to give it to X-Men.

07-30-2008, 07:19 AM
I like both, but I give it to F42.

07-30-2008, 07:25 AM
FF2 wasn't even in the same ballpark as XMEN. Besides the few Surfer scences FF2 is a total loss.

07-30-2008, 07:36 AM
Eh, I don't think either of them are that good. But as an experience, I think I enjoyed FF2 just a little more than X-Men.

07-30-2008, 07:46 AM

Too bad about Silver Surfer, but X-Men was just a better movie. Didn't have the action, but it had the writing, the performances, and the spirit.

J. Wilson
07-30-2008, 11:33 AM
I only liked the first half hour or so of X-Men but it was still better than EITHER FF film.

07-30-2008, 11:41 AM
I like X-men Better then FF2 hands down.

07-30-2008, 12:00 PM
FF2 was a whole lot of fun, pure and simple.

X-Men was a good start. A pretty good movie that SHOULD have launched a phenomenal franchise instead of one great sequel and an abomination.

I'm going with the fun rather than the launching pad. FF2.

07-30-2008, 12:30 PM
There was less wrong with X-Men then there was right with FF4: 2. Gotta give it to the muties on this one.

Matt C. Linton
07-30-2008, 12:36 PM
FF2 was a huge improvement over the first FF, and X-Men is my least favorite of the X-films (yes, I like the third more), but X-Men still wins.