View Full Version : So I bought and read Bald-Steve's "Hard Bullied Comics" trade...

10-06-2007, 10:48 PM
And I have to say, it was a damned fine read.

Sci-Fi Noir, set in a future LA, and he managed to NOT make it seem like a rip-off of Blade Runner. That alone gives him high marks in my book. And he managed to find himself a damned fine artist in Rudolf Montemayor. I think the inks are a little on the technical/scratchy side for a noir tale, but they fit the pencils well (not every artist can ink themselves), and they're mighty fine pencils.

But it's the dialogue that really gets me. In the prose pages of Bru's CRIMINAL someone (can't remember whom, and the issue is packed away in the garage somewhere, I apologize) complained that dialogue in modern movies isn't nearly as smart as it was back in The Golden Age of Cinema. Well, Steve Earnhart's dialogue is non-stop smart from start to finish. Not only is every character with a brain a smart-ass, but they're all their own kind of smart-ass; you can't mistake one character's line for another's.

This is some mighty-fine entertainment, folks. And he hasn't even bought me a drink to say that. (Yet.)


Buy it. Or a 'Roid-raged half-man, half-shark will come to your house and bite out your left ovary.

...who is also impressed that there are no froofy drink recipes in the extras, but would have liked to see the "Gunpowder" listed...