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07-04-2007, 08:09 PM
Old photoshops... But as down as I am about our country. As much as I hate, mistrust and yes, even fear them a bit... I still love America. It was a wonderful idea. It was an amazing and visionary thing to do in a world of kings, tyrants and theocracies. I do believe in my heart that it still isn't too late for us.

It may require a reset of our entire constitution in clear concise terms not open to interpretation, guaranteeing freedom of the press, speech, religion, artistic expression, privacy, freedom from slavery, tyranny or political, sexual, or racial persecution for one's beliefs, gender, orientation or race. As well as giving us recourse to redress grievences brought against leaders and companies seen to be operating against the public interest or criminally. *takes a deep breath* ...for starters.

Don't get me wrong. I think we as americans will let it fail before we take steps to do anything. We'll fall before we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and become a great nation again. We're lazy like that. Pampered. It will take a catastrophic disaster for us to be shaken from our lethargy. Like maybe the Canary Islands falling into the sea, or the Yellowstone Caldera erupting. And had I the means and the endorsement to be able to do so, I'd emigrate to Scotland in a moment.

America will be a great place again someday. We just have to find the revolutionary spirit, bravery and vision our forefathers once showed. All at once. All of us. And it does my heart good to know it's an inevitable thing. The 3rd law of thermodynamics is already tearing at the fibers of our nation. And the faster the corrupt try to shore it all up, the faster it crumbles. Entropy increases. And it's good. Because when it falls, we will pull together and form an even MORE perfect nation.

I'll come back from Scotland for that if I've made it there. I'll fight to make it a good place, and protect it from those whose like eroded its foundations from within before. We will have to learn. And hopefully, we will.

I believe in the spirit of my country. I believe in the essential goodness of its people to know to do the right thing. It flies in the face of sense and reason, but I still believe it. I have not lost hope. Only my desire to see the final failure of what has gone before. It will be ugly. And as like to break my heart.

Here's some older photoshops for ya I did. The words are still valid today. And I cherish them.



http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v600/WinterRose/POLITICAL/Quotations/Political_Quotes_2D_Sam_Adams_2D_Fals_And_Designin g.jpg

I hope your celebration of Independance Day was a good one. And hopefully it caused you all to consider what made us great. And what we can do in the future to be great once more. It is, and will always be within our reach, should we sieze the opportunity to do so.



Len Snark
07-04-2007, 11:17 PM
I'll be the first to say that I hate the Patriot Act (if for no other reason than because it requires me to purchase my Claritin-D behind the counter) and I get all the Bush hate for the illegal wiretapping and what not. I guess I just don't understand which country out there is doing a better job at preserving democratic ideals than this one. Yeah, we mess up sometimes. Sometimes it's really bad, but aren't we still one of the best places to live in this crazy mixed up world? I'm not saying number one (although I wouldn't want to live anywhere else because I'd have to learn a language other than English and that's too much trouble), but top five definitely.

The entire world struggles with the problems that we struggle with (personal freedoms, etc.). The difference is that we're the only remaining superpower on Earth. Does that make us worse somehow?