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04-19-2007, 10:11 AM
Dear lads and lasses-

As i was going thru a ton of old artwork and copies of old artwork in bin after bin in the garage (we moved about 6 months ago and we're still catching up) i discovered that i have ALL the original artwork to the 3 issues of Douglas Adams' Life,the Universe and Everything adaptation (over 130 pages-this is an amazing find as i had totally forgotten i had these packed away-since '96!) which i did for Byron Preiss' company back in the mid 90s.

Tho i suspect many of you here didn't see the series when it came out (thru DC i believe) i thought i'd let the fans know thru this and a few other forums because i plan on selling them (along with a few covers and pin ups that went with them) ideally i'd like to sell the issues complete-either as seperate issues or one huge pile of art (which will make it easier for me to split the take with inker John Nyberg) -but if this proves unwieldy i'll start taking apart the pile and let them go individually-if you or anyone you know is interested in this find,please write me at my email addy ( ndv45@comcast.net )


Thanks for your time- you may now return to your regularly scheduled Oeming worship...:cool: