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Any fans of Cloak and Dagger? If you got any fan of Cloak & Dagger post it. If you got any fan fiction involving Cloak & Dagger post it

I am posting my fan fiction Cloak & Dagger story.

Ok so for the fan fiction story Cloak & Dagger are back and investigating a kidnapping. The investigation leads them to a small shipping company office. The story begins here.

Page 1 panel 1 of 2
Interior of small darkly lit office. Old and outdated in furniture and style.
Cloak in fight with Punisher. Both grapple with each other.
Page 1 Panel 2 of 2
Punisher struggling not to be sucked into Cloaks darkness. Punisher has half body inside Cloak. Punishers top half of torso with arms and head are exposed. Punisher has hand grabbing Cloaks face.
Its always the same with the Punisher.
Get your hand off my face.
Page 2 Panel 1 of 4
Punisher grabbing Cloaks face with right hand with left hand puts Tazer gun onto right hand thats grabbing Cloaks face. Electrocuting them both.
What’s this madman doing? I came here to talk.
Page 2 Panel 2 of 4
Overhead shot of Punisher crouching holding his hand. Cloak laying on floor in human form.
Leave me alone Spooky!!
Page 2 Panel 2 of 4 cont.
Page 2 Panel 3 of 4
Punisher kicks Cloak in face as he was trying to get up.
Stay down
Page 2 Panel 4 of 4
Punisher going through door tosses a knock out gas grenade before leaving. Cloak feels the effects of knock out gas effects his hearing (groggy)
Night old buddy old pal maybe I stop by that pretty girl of yoursss....Maaybee I'lll
Page 3 Panel 1 of 4
From rooftop across the street is Dagger watching in darkness. Sees Punisher exiting a construction site mobile office trailer going toward van.
1 , 2 , 3 ...
Page 3 Panel 2 OF 4
In office Dagger standing over a groggy Cloak. Her hand is touching his face.
You ok?
Page 3 Panel 3 OF 4
In office Cloak standing next to Dagger now holding the hand she extended.
Punisher electricuted me and then set this off.

Page 3 Panel 3 OF 4
Knock out grenade! How are you Tyrone?
Page 3 PANEL 4 OF 4
In office Cloak looking over desk darkness seems to be enveloping the desk a little and part of room Cloak is standing in. Daggers eye is glowing shedding more light on seedy office. Theres a light on the desk.
Cloak holding a few files in manila folders. Dagger holding fairly hefty manifest log book.
You never answered me. How are you feeling?
I am OK better question is what was the Punisher doing here?
Page 4 Panel 1 of 3
Cloak sitting in chair behind desk looking through the drawers. Dagger sitting on desk holding a light dagger over drawer Claok is looking in.
Well you know the Punisher never leaves anybody alive to ask.
Dagger I am a live and here with you
Page 4 Panel 2 OF 3
Close up of Dagger face with silhouette of Cloak behind her.
I didn't mean you before I came in here I checked out the warehouse behind here there are 12 dead in total.
Wait here.

Page 4 Panel 3 of 3
Cloak telporting back in the office were Dagger is waiting. Cloak has fear on his face and screaming. A few zombies are breaking through door behind Cloak.
They're not dead! They're ZOMBIES!!!
Page 5 Panel 1
Zombies are coming through door small group is forming inside office Cloak and Dagger in attack positions. Dagger is in acrobatic position glowing with light.
I am thinking I am going to just teleport them all away from here.
Page 6 Panel 1 of 4
Inside office Zombies are getting ready to attack Cloak & Dagger. The front zombie in the current formation has a piece of paper pinned to his chest with an army knife. Silhoutte of Daggers arm pointing to front of Zombies
Cloak wait... look. Let me
Page 6 Panel 2 OF 4
Dagger acrobatically fliping and firing a few light knives at the zombie behind the zombie with the knife in chest.
Page 6 Panel 3 OF 4
As Dagger lands from flip the attacked zombie passes out to ground
Page 6 Panel 4 OF 4
From behind Dagger jamming two light knives into the ears of the zombie with the paper on his chest. Zombie is passing out from light knives.

Page 7 panel 1 of 4
Typical New York City one bedroom apartment. From house door enter direct into living room/workspace
Dagger entering their apartment and heading for the computer which is close to house door.
Yeehee or Gaggle can never decide.
We got any aspirin?
ahh yes in the bathroom sink drawer.
Page 7 Panel 2 of 3
Dagger sitting at Computer. The screen is illuminating her face. Cloak is standing behind her looking at computer screen too.
Manifest states Banda Islands is the port of destination.
You know it? And forty two shipping numbers with no cargo description.
No don't. Says here its in the South Pacific....
Page 7 panel 3 of 3
Dagger sitting at computer looking at screen. Cloak standing by window in dark looking outside.
He always tries to show me he is strong even back there quickly trying to take ascertain the problem find the answer.
Page 7 panel 3 of 3 cont.
Too many unanswered questions here.
Where did those zombies come from? They were all dead laying there when I came to you. Bandas were a spice island trade says here. dutch then english controo.. What??
I am going to see Castle
Page 8 Panel 1 Splash page
After midnight Cloak on top of Chrysler building eagle.
CAP:(CLOAK) Where are you Punisher?
Page 8 Panel 2 inset
Dagger sitting at computer with cup of coffee in one hand pecking at the keyboard with another.
I think I know why he wanted to go alone to see that sexiest pig Castle. He needs information not distractions. Ok so says here that they were 42 standard freight containers but no description of cargo. Its a zombie spice war should call Cloak tell him I solved it. Ok computer off and shower.

Page 9 panel 1
Punisher sitting at table cleaning Beretta 9mm. Cloak teleporting into room right behind Punisher.
Don't move for any weapons and let me speak
Too late spooky. Cloak & Dagger not very espionage like I would've known if my mark had a weapon. Don't go teleporting away I never clean it loaded. What you got to say?
Page 10 panel 1 of 4
Overview of Dagger outside their apartment on the street in the middle of shoot out between two gangs. Two Gangs get into a dispute on the street in front of Daggers apartment. Dagger decides to intervene.
SFX: BANG, BANG, BANG,(Many gunshots) from both gangs
Page 10 Panel 2 of 4
Dagger pinned down behind a car gun fire coming from both left and right. Cloak teleporting next to Dagger behind the car.
Whats going on here Tandy?
They just started shooting at each other
oh be right back.
I hate it when he does that
Page 10 Panel 3 of 4
Cloak teleporting above a gang member getting ready to put him into his darkness. Gang member looks anxious.
Page 10 panel 4 of 4
Cloak putting gang member in his darkness. Gang member is scared (fright)
Page 11 panel 1 of 4
Cloak teleports infront of one gang member and takes his gun while punching him in face.

Page 11 panel 2 of 4
Cloak teleports behind another gang member who is scared and screaming out for his friend (The gang member Cloak put inside his darkforce)
Gang member # 3
Cee Low Cee low where you at???
Page 11 panel 3 of 4
Cloak taking the extremly frightend CeeLow from within his portal to Darkforce Dimension presenting him to the other gang member.
Your friends right here.
Page 11 Panel 4 of 4
Two police patrol cars are in the background with cops guns drawn at the last two gang members running from Cloak holding the listless Cee Low by his shirt collar and looking on as the cops begin to arrest the gang members.
Page 12 panel 1 of 4
Dagger looking through living room window to street below, as police finish up there investigation of the shooting. One detective standing alone is looking up at Dagger.
Vampire Zombies!!!
Page 12 panel 2 of 4
Cloak and Dagger standing on opposite sides of window looking down at the street.
Its how they are increasing so fast
What's next?

Page 12 panel 3 of 4
Cloak surrounding Dagger in darkness only top half of her torso, arms and head can be seen. Dagger glowing. (Note not yet stated but in this scene she is powering Cloak up by exuding light to feed his darkness)
OK and he also noticed that every 'Cell' has a core or leader zombie who are all controlled through a pyramid organization.
And who sits atop that pyramid?
Page 12 panel 4 of 4
Side shot of Cloaks face very close to Daggers face. Still surrounded by darkforce.
And if you take out the leader the group becomes very dicombobulated.
Discombobulated huh your my best friend but you amaze me Tyrone.
Huh in a good way?
Better then good.
I love you Tandy is everything Okay?
Page 13 Panel 1 of 4
Cloak in the bathroom looking in Mirror surrounded by darkforce. Cloaks face is reflected in mirror.
I could teleport us there but all the teleporting to get there I think...

Page 13 Panel 1 of 4 cont.
I would puke all over your dark dimension.
If I know Punisher he's fueling a jet right now to head to those islands
Page 13 Panel 2 of 4
Cloak goes to revisit Punisher. Cloak teleporting into a room where Punisher is sitting oddly on wooden chair with small table littered with cans and snack bags watching TV.
Son are you nuts
I am not your son in anyway
Ok ok but I am old enough. You can be touchy and I am not going into that dark dimension of yours.
Page 13 Panel 3 of 4
Cloak standing over Punisher now sitting more comfortable.
Its a little island probably over run with zombies. We're asking for your help Castle.
Where is that delicious little Dagger of yours
Shes not mine watch your words Frank.
Sit sit down ok

Page 13 Panel 4 of 4
Punisher and Cloak sitting at table. Various pages printed from the internet that Cloak has bring with (Information on the Banda Islands). Also two cups of coffee and some untidy debris. Darkly light. Cloak is pointing to printed page with map on it. Punisher looking at Cloak.
Look its an island with zombies so an island is like a natural prison let her(Is Nekra) keep all the damn zombies on that island.
Page 14 panel 1 of 2
Punisher and Cloak sitting at table looking directly at each other. Cloak trying to look friendly. Punisher staring hard.
You can kill as many zombies as you like?
Nice to see you again now teleport away.
Theres an old stone fort built on that island exactly like the one on S.I (Staten Island)
PAGE 14 panel 2 of 2
Punisher in a little more lighter stare standing over a seated Cloak. Cloak looking up at Punisher semi smile.
I really do like that place ok ok in one hour my plane is taking off. Meet their with your wife I think I will need all the help I can get....anything else?
Shoot and kill all the zombies you want but Nekra and normal humans are ours. And I am not married
Page 15 Panel 1 of 3
Small jet plane flying over clouds with moon shining.

Page 15 Panel 2 of 3
Punisher and co pilot flying small jet plane with Cloak and Dagger sitting behind them (Cock pit and small sitting area are open.)
CO-pilot(Loud speaker)
ETA roughly three and a half hours sir.
Thanks Bobby.
So Frank what’s your history with Nekra.
I got real close and she, she tried to scare me off and it worked.
Page 15 Panel 3 of 3
From Cockpit to Cloak and Dagger all four are seen in this shot. Dagger leaning forward. Punisher turning to listen to Dagger. Cloak now sitting still staring on. The Co Pilot is at the controls of the plane.
Close you were always sleazy but Nekra euu
No well that yes before I knew the zombie priestess thing.
The bitch wanted to make me into one thats what happened. Almost took effect too.

Page 15 Panel 3 of 3 cont.
Why'd you hook up with...
Page 16 Panel 1 of 4
Side view of Punisher turned in his seat and pointing to Cloak who looks like not paying any attention and talking to a very attentive Dagger.
None of your business lovebird.
Page 16 Panel 2 of 4
Punisher and Dagger standing next to each at the back of the plane there is a mini snack and drink bar. Punisher and dagger both holding a drink cup.
She played me thought we had same ideals she presented herself in a false way I believed her.
Page 16 Panel 3 of 4
Dagger leaning against wall at back of plane. Punisher pouring a cup of coffee
I wanted to be with someone more than just romping around maybe you understand that or ...
Page 16 Panel 4 of 4
Punisher with coffee cup close to his smirking mouth. Dagger standing a little offended. Cloak coming into panel.
Or are you two just romping around?

Page 17 Panel 1 of 4
Cloak and Punisher now standing close to each other at back of plane some of Cloak darkness is exuding (not much). Punisher leaning in to Cloak. Cloak looking at Punisher confused.
You did good creepy don't know what she sees in you no wait there is nothing theres only darkness.
Page 17 panel 2 of 4
Cloak and Punisher screaming at each other at back of plane.Cloak is quickly surrounding them in darkness. Punisher has fists clenched.
What? You and your girl been riding me the whole trip.
What do you mean?
CO-PILOT(Off Panel)
Mr. Castle and guests we are 15 minutes away.
Page 17 Panel 3 of 4
Cloak and Punisher cooled off looking out plane exit door window at small group of Banda Islands
Later now its time for some cloak and dagger. Go scout that beach line
Later yes Dagger I'm gone

Page 17 Panel 4 of 4
Punisher and Dagger now looking out plane window Cloak in background teleporting away.
What WHAT WHAT the fucking island has WHAT is called a natural canopy
And thats bad because??
Well I can't shoot what I can't see.
Page 18 Panel 1 of 4
Cloak back from the island beach. Punisher standing with open arms talking with Cloak. Cloak standing looking intently at Punisher. Dagger standing next to Cloak with her arm around him.
CAP:(Dagger) Castle really gets into playing war.
CAP:(Cloak) He's like John Wayne on crack.
Heat sensors? Infra reds?
Didn't bring any. No humans right Spooky?
Like D-day we are going to have to storm that BEACH!

Page 18 Panel 2 of 4
Show Ai (actual name of island) island with main focus on stone like fort over the fort is a flying super hero (The Fly) show in silhouette form.
Page 18 Panel 3 of 4
Show the Fly still in silhouette form enter a stone fort window.
Page 18 Panel 4 of 4
Cloak surrounding Punisher and Dagger in darkforce getting ready to teleport them to the island. Punisher has weapons in each hand and is loaded up with weapons too. Dagger is in acrobatic pose her eye is glowing.
Lets do this and stick by me you two.
I'm ready
Page 19 Panel 1
The Fly coming in through window is standing behind a gothic style room divider. The Fly is standing in Nekras Bedroom. The bedroom is very gothic in design and darkly lit. Nekra is standing by big oval mirror being attended to by a few zombies. Some zombies helping her dress. Grim Reaper sitting at side where there is a sofa. Grim Reaper is smoking a cigarette. A zombie is pouring a glass of red wine that is on the table in front of Grim Reaper.
Vistors coming my laady
Whats that you say my precious.
Your slave says we have visitors! Who knows we are here? What did you do in New York?

Page 20 Panel 1 of 2
Grim Reaper and Nekra each holding a glass of red wine. Nekra toasting Grim Reapers glass with a smile. Grim Reaper is smiling back with other arm raised high and in a fist.
Precious be a dear tell all the others to coming in here pleased we are finished here
Yes tell my Lethal Legion to come to me now
Page 20 Panel 2 of 2
Its just before sunrise moon is just going down. Cloak, Dagger and Punisher are on the beach standing a few yards before a jungle (Island is surround by sand with jungle like vegetation for an interior) . On the beach is a small motor powered army raft they used to get there.
I say we scout the beach until sunrise then pick an entry point.
I did that already.
Yes I know but I did'nt
Jeez you two focus Nekra and Zombies
Page 21 Panel 1
Man Ape, Black Talon, The Fly, Asylum and Crossbones are in the gothic style bedroom of Nekra and Grim Reaper. Nekra talking as looking at her self in mirror. Grim Reaper talking in the middle of the electrified group of villians
As you may have heard we have visitors lets show them how unwelcome they are.
Let us kill them.

Page 22 Panel 1
Cloak, Dagger and Punisher standing on beach surrounded by Nekra, Grim Reaper, Man Ape, Black Talon, The Fly and Asylum. Cloak has his cloak extended with darkforce energy around him Dagger in an acrobatic jump with daggers ready and eye glowing. Punisher is holding pistols in each hand. (Note Grim Reaper and Crossbones are both holding guns).
Dagger stay be me.
Think of this as the Honeymoon you'll never have. What did you get us into here spooky?


03-25-2007, 07:06 AM
I meant to say any Cloak and Dagger fan art please post and for that matter any fans of Cloak and Dagger in general.

03-25-2007, 09:05 AM
It looks like you put a lot of time into this, kudos, cause god knows I never have the patience to write out full comic scripts...the spelling threw me off a little sometimes, and Punisher calling Cloak "spooky" was a little weird

03-25-2007, 10:48 AM
Thanks for the post.

My reason for calling Cloak 'Spooky' is Punisher joking on Cloaks powers. Like he is a ghost or something.

Also now that its posted would like to change afew things myself and few corrections.

03-25-2007, 11:30 AM
i don't see anything wrong with editing it ;) I love to re-evaluate my math lessons all the time.

03-25-2007, 02:14 PM
Is there any fans of Cloak & Dagger??