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03-14-2007, 10:07 PM
Hi all,

Here's a quick little timeline I did to clarify chronological order for the first wave of Initiative books. I'll include time frames where possible.


************************************************** ************************************************** ****************************
After Civil War #7, Before Captain America #25

Thunderbolts #110-112, "Faith in Monsters" - Jack Flag is their initial target as a team, but they are shown stalking a different hero in Civil War: The Initiative, which occurs after Captain America's death. Also, the "Captain America as terrorist" action figure seen in #110 probably wouldn't have been marketed after Cap's assassination.

Civil War: The Confession - the second half of the issue, where Cap yells at Tony, is set immediately prior to Cap's assassination in Captain America #25.

After Captain America #25, the death of Cap

Civil War: The Confession - Iron Man's confession occurs less than 48 hours after Steve Rogers is killed.

Civil War: The Initiative - Carol Danvers tells Spider-Woman that Cap is alive as bait to lure the New Avengers into a trap. It will be 48 hours before Spider-woman shares this information with her teammates in the flashback sequence of New Avengers #28.

The Thunderbolts sequence shows them stalking a new target. Since Tony is watching these events as they occur through his armour, the Thunderbolts and Omega Flight segments occur after Cap #25 as well.

Stark ends this issue considering the formation of the Mighty Avengers.

Mighty Avengers #1 - ? - Since the full Mighty Avengers squad ambush the New Avengers roughly 48 hours after Spider-woman and Ms. Marvel's conversation in Civil War: The Initiative, the initial arc of Mighty Avengers must fit into that time frame.

New Avengers #28 - Flashback sequence shows the New Avengers breaking into the Raft to rescue Captain America, only to discover that Steve is dead and the Mighty Avengers are lying in ambush.

New Avengers #27-30 - the non-flashback portion of the story, where Echo is captured by the Hand and rescued by the New Avengers.

Civil War #7 - the public unveiling of the Mighty Avengers is glimpsed during the reading of Reed's letter to Sue. Since they formed in Mighty Avengers #1, this is technically after the death of Cap. It could be before or after they ambush Cage's Avengers. It might even be just before the first page of Mighty Avengers #1, which notes the team had only been together for 14 minutes.

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - I presume this occurs after the intial arcs of Mighty and New Avengers.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****************************

I may update this as time goes on, but I expect that the stories will be more linear once all the books are up and running. :)


03-15-2007, 05:14 AM
You might want to throw some of that in here, too...


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