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“Voice of the Hamster” is a fiction serialized in four issues of Pynchon’s high school newspaper, the Oyster Bay High School Purple and Gold, in 1952-53, begun when Pynchon was only 15 years old (he graduated high school at 16). The text is taken from Clifford Mead’s Thomas Pynchon: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Materials (Elmwood, IL: The Dalkey Archive Press, 1989), and according to both Mead and our own investigation these stories are in the public domain.
Remarkable for juvenilia, Pynchon’s high school fiction features many of the stylistic flourishes and literary themes he employs to this day: surreally silly names, paranoia, copious drug use, and an oddball sense of humor. These stories were published under pseuodnyms, such as “Roscoe Stein,” “Bose,” or no name at all.

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