View Full Version : Civil War: The REMIX

02-22-2007, 11:11 AM
So, like many folks I finished this excellent book up last night. This issue did not strike me in the way issues 1-6 had. I've seen some comments in the bought & thought about it being anti-climatic and I would call it "quiet" instead. But then I started thinking about the story in general and I had a few small ideas that might have amped up the last issue a bit -

Thor Clone - instead of Clor making an entry earlier in the series, we could have had Reed examining what we would expect was a returned Thor. Then in this issue when Clor makes his entrance and Hercules brings down the hammer it would have been a double pay off making the earlier Clor appearance even stronger and his fate even more jolting.

Punisher - Closed the book with his epilogue panels! Very intriguing idea set-up here by Millar and against the very hopeful idealism on the SHEILD holocraft it would have made for an even more powerful contrast and a hint that things might not move as smoothly as hoped 'The best is yet to come" and then Punisher...

So, small ideas really, and I'm by no means knocking this story at all, it was the first event I've ever purchased and enjoyed - but how would you remix it?