View Full Version : The end of Civil War 7 revealed...

Patrick King
02-20-2007, 06:41 PM
...40 years ago in Avengers Annual #1!! I was reading my Essential Avengers vol. 2 just now, and came across this panel in the first Annual issue:


This of course is just one of the numerous theories and in no way should be taken literally as the ACTUAL end of CW, so don't flame me into oblivion! Just the same though, I remember talking with my friend's boyfriend about how this may be a possible outcome of this whole event.

02-20-2007, 07:04 PM
"thrash yon villain"

Herc is a badass

02-20-2007, 07:08 PM
the real thor will destroy fake thor and end this war once and for all.....

okay, im buying it

02-20-2007, 07:54 PM
unfortunately its a thousand times uncooler than that