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  1. Pic with Elle Daniel in Seattle. With Mahfood in Houston
  2. ELECTRIC ANT #1 in stores this week
  3. 5 pg preview & covers of Philip K. Dick's ELECTRIC ANT... ships this Week!
  4. Electric Ant #1 Review 9/10 & links to comic shops offering Mack & Paul Pope covers
  5. Signing in NYC this Sat & Sun at MoCCA. April 10 & 11
  6. The first chapter of my comic
  7. Pics from MoCCA in NYC
  8. REFLECTIONS ART BOOK Oversize Hardcover -Marvel says ships 4/28
  9. Booked tickets for my book store signings & art gallery openings in Brussels & Paris
  10. Electric Ant wallpaper from Marvel.com featuring my cover to issue #1
  11. Floor map of C2E2 & location of my table N6. See you in Chicago...
  12. Pics of new Frida Kahlo art & pics of LIVE ART in Chicago (can you find Akemi?)
  13. Beautiful new Paul Pope cover of ELECTRIC ANT #4 (& Taki Soma bandaged...)
  14. My copies of REFLECTIONS ARTBOOK HARDCOVER arrived! Will have for Pittsburgh Comicon!
  15. Kabuki & Akemi hats from Animehot.net & REFLECTIONS HARDCOVER ART BOOK ships now!
  16. Thinking about some things
  17. Some brush & ink drawings from life
  18. Paris & Brussels signings & Tarot Card art exhibit opening dates May 27-30
  19. High School Classroom Visits
  20. davidmackguide.com
  21. I'm thinking ELECTRIC ANT #2 ships today. Is this true? Anyone see it yet?
  22. Reflections HC in hand...yaaas! its the business!!
  23. Frank Frazetta was a super guy & an inspiration. Condolences to his family
  24. Pics of early stages of the new KABUKI statue
  25. Drawings I did for IRON MAN II sketch cards
  26. Site about legendary Jim Steranko's work
  27. Shy Creatures is #1
  28. Dream Logic #2, Iron Man 2 drawings, Brussels Art Exhibit info, Tarot Card images
  29. New ELECTRIC ANT cover art (Paul Pope) SHY CREATURES pics... more
  30. I really want to get into Kabuki
  31. King of Wands & 3 of Wands.
  32. Attending HEROES con in Charlotte NC June 4-6! Are you going?
  33. More Tarot Card images...
  34. 5 pg Preview of ELECTRIC ANT #3! (And PAUL POPE COVER)
  35. Pic of Brussels Gallery & Map of HEROES Convention & my table #
  36. DREAM LOGIC #1 out this week!
  37. DREAM LOGIC #1 in stores today!
  38. If you like DREAM LOGIC #1... ask your shop (ahead of time) to order DREAM lOGIC #2
  39. KABUKI Vol.1 finally back in HARDCOVER! -regular version and Limited Edition w SKETCH
  40. Daredevil - Echo: Vision Quest Premiere Hardcover- OFFERED NOW from MARVEL!
  41. Another Scarab Commission
  42. Kabuki by Uminga
  43. Happy Birthday, Bryan JL Glass!
  44. Discussion about killing Keiko (Scarab)
  45. my vote for Snapdragon on screen
  46. I challenge Mack & Oeming......
  47. Got word from publisher: SHY CREATURES at San Diego Comicon!
  48. Link to preview of ELECTRIC ANT #4 IN STORES THURSDAY! New Paul Pope cover
  49. Moriarty Comic on Kickstarter
  50. ELECTRIC ANT #4 in stores TODAY!
  51. Vid of Kabuki & Katchoo (SIP) action figures. KABUKI Vol. 1 Hardcover & Ltd Ed
  52. all 8 of the Kabuki/Noh masks
  53. Who is going to San Diego Comicon? I'm at booth #2729
  54. Heads up that The Shy Creatures children's book is about to sell out of its print run
  55. LIVE ART info for San Diego Comicon
  56. Saw Inception. Love it. Playful, coherent, thoughtful...
  57. Heads up- ALCHEMY OF ART DVD about to run out of stock. Some left...
  58. [comics] Download Professor Moriarty!
  59. Pic of the new KABUKI statue that will be on display at San Diego Comicon
  60. Reflections Art book (320pg) now offered in paperback from Marvel! Place orders now..
  61. LOTS San Diego pics! (Kabuki statue, Tom Jane Syfy/EW party, Jon Muth's BDay party-
  62. 5 page Preview of ELECTRIC ANT #5 and that sweet Paul Pope cover
  63. gmail, hotmail and yahoo
  64. [comics] Kickstarter
  65. Who is going to the Wizard World CHICAGO convention August 19-22?
  66. Kabuki sketches for Dave
  67. Lots of stuff on today's DMG. Links, links, links
  68. Art & pics of Paris & Brussels gallery shows (up thru August)
  69. Chicago, Baltimore, Dragon Con, NYCC, Mid Ohio
  70. @tdro sent me some wonderful Akemi soaps today! Handmade w Akemi & lil friends animal
  71. Tdro 's Akemi hand made soap (Fight Club style), pics from gallery show
  72. Post your six word story. Here.
  73. Congrats on your new Scarab, Ice, Siamese art, Redskullrudd
  74. At Chicago this week- Rosemont Convention center THIS Thurs-Sun
  75. Dream Logic #3 available for order & DREAM LOGIC #2 ships next Wednesday!
  76. My table # at Wizard Chicago Con this Thur- Sun is 4016 & 4018
  77. DREAM LOGIC #2 in stores this week!
  78. KABUKI Statue preorders open Thursday August 26! Info here
  79. Thank you, David!
  80. ELECTRIC ANT Hardcover offered for pre-order from Marvel...
  81. Map & my table #(2211) at Baltimore Comicon- link here
  82. New 19 inch KABUKI statute- Exclusive Sold Out- Regular edition still available -link
  83. Dragon Con in Atlanta- This Fri-Mon. LIVE ART at THE SHELTER Sat night!
  84. Mack was awesome at Dragon Con!
  85. Photos from the LIVE ART event in Atlanta at The Shelter
  86. Trailer for new documentary on artist Steve Rude
  87. New pics of the Live Art show, Video of new KABUKI statue, Dragon Con pics, more...
  88. Congrats & gratitude to David Thornton on 6 yr anniversary of Davidmackguide.com!
  89. Wwkd?
  90. Daredevil ECHO-VIsionQuest Hardcover out TODAY! HC with extra material
  91. At NY Comicon my table is D-8 on this map of the Convention floor plan
  92. NYC LIVE ART MTV Party (Sat Nite): Mahfood & I, Paul Pope & Stan Lee DJ-ing... &
  93. MID-OHIO CON: Columbus Nov. 6 & 7. Who is going?
  94. KABUKI Volume 1 HARDCOVER -now in Print! PIC via @jengrunwal
  95. Dexter animated episodes by Bill Sienkiewicz & I: On the Showtime site here...
  96. Link to some of my drawings at the VIP NY Dr. Sketchy's
  97. Spotlight on Ogun Afariogun's art and approach at SVA
  98. Mid-Ohio Con table #(425) map of convention /link to Kabuki Statue online comic shops
  99. 2nd batch of life drawings from VIP NY Dr. Sketchy's
  100. Marvel tells me DREAM LOGIC #1 sold out. Link: comic shops that may still have copies
  101. Signing in NEW ORLEANS in January, MIAMI in Feb! Links/info here
  102. Got my Hardcover of ELECTRIC ANT from comic shop today! Extra features include...
  103. I'm at Atlanta Comicon THIS Sat/Sun. Live Art Bill Sienkiewicz & I Sat Night
  104. Gluing pages on a canvas
  105. Map of Atlanta Comicon (this Sat/Sun) My table is 914
  106. Electric Ant - In Depth Interview with David Mack!
  107. Thanks to all 150 of you who came to the LIVE ART event I did with Bill Sienkiewicz
  108. Triangle motif
  109. Gallery Pics from the Live Art event: David Mack & Bill Sienkiewicz
  110. Here's Psylocke cover I did for new Marvel series 5 Ronin
  111. Brush & ink drawings from life. Of photographer Gemma in Brooklyn
  112. New Psylocke Wallpaper from Marvel from my 5Ronin cover. & new GA cover
  113. OK, completed a brand new sequential art story/stories for Dream Logic #3 at Bendis'
  114. Mike Oeming drew me! & My drawings of Mike & Taki
  115. An upcoming cover of DREAM LOGIC I recently painted
  116. Which of these two images do you like better?
  117. Facebook page of my work created by Elohim Cebe in France
  118. Dying of the lovely
  119. Dream Logic #4 in Marvel catalogue- cover here...
  120. 4 pgs preview of sequences in DREAM LOGIC #3 (drawn on Bendis' couch"
  121. Map of New Orleans Comicon & my table # (914)
  122. Pics of early paint stages of recent cover & some figure studies
  123. Got DREAM LOGIC #3 today! Which means it will be in stores tomorrow or next Wed
  124. Photos of the DREAM LOGIC exhibit: Sculptures/drawings/entire Alchemy story, more...
  125. Wonderful reading/signing of THE SHY CREATURES at Blue Manatee. Next PAC Gallery talk
  126. Mike Allred posted this animation he made of my Madman drawings & pics of process
  127. Guitar art
  128. My Philip K. Dick adaptation ELECTRIC ANT tpb now offered from Marvel
  129. Happy Birthday, Chuck Palahniuk!
  130. Thank you David Mack.
  131. Final week for my exhibit at PAC Gallery . Info & art here
  132. Map/floor plan of MIAMI Convention & my table (#808) I'll be signing this Sat & Sun
  133. Seattle Emerald City ComiCon this Sat/Sun LIVE ART this Friday
  134. M.O.B. Mack, Oeming, Bendis signing in Seattle ECCC this Sat/Sun info here
  135. Will Mack Come To Toronto Anytime Soon?
  136. Vids of Bill Sienkiewicz/David Mack panel discussion from Miami (& more live art pics
  137. Let me know if there is a specific item or book (or art) that you want me to bring to
  138. Map of C2E2 & my table # A6 (and Scarab cosplay))
  139. Here's a video of Bill Sienkiewicz & I painting on humans & other stuff
  140. Kabuki/Shi crossover
  141. This Kappa brush & ink drawing was my fave sketch I did at c2e2 Chicago
  142. Is this Mack art?
  143. Via Bill Sienkiewicz (see you at Wondercon this weekend)
  144. Just finished a painting & sent it off. It will be a poster at Wondercon this Friday
  145. For WOndercon this week... bringing some Dexter Art from my episodes. Let me know if
  146. In the NW? Nothing to do April 4th? Love discussion about comics and "craft"? Then...
  147. If you are in WOndercon Archaia is giving out a new poster I did for them
  148. A Doctor Strange doodle I did for Hero Initiative
  149. A Doctor Strange doodle I did for Hero Initiative
  150. Today Bill Sienkiewicz & I are speaking Barron Storey's Sequential Art class at CCA
  151. Art question
  152. NY this Sat/Sun at MoCCA! & Art Exhibit in Brooklyn Sat night: Tiny Trifecta
  153. The Unstable Molecules.
  154. Pic @taramcpherson Tiny Trifecta art opening I had work in (from her FB). Bill S. & I
  155. Brand new shirts from THE BROS INK, incl. Dave McKean, Barron Storey, David Mack pics
  156. Here are all the art pieces from the Tiny Trifecta gallery exhibit ala @taramcpherson
  157. Another pic/drawing from last night in Manhattan... Via: mollycrabapple
  158. MOCA's Art in the Streets
  159. Art Theft Heads up
  160. Pics of process from the newest JLA cover I did. & other goodies.
  161. Some new pics and goodies here:
  162. AUSTIN BOOKS signing - this Saturday on FCBD!
  163. [HELP!] Meditation practitioners, a little help!
  164. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (#23) has a Philip K. Dick essay I wrote in it
  165. This new shirt of the cover to Dream Logic #2 available to order here
  166. Did these 12 watercolors today. For Japan Relief benefit...
  167. Condolences To David Mack
  168. My condolences...
  169. Sorry for your loss, David...
  170. Thank you for the kind words, goodwill, and condolences about my father
  171. I'll be @ Comicpalooza in Houston next week May27-29. Live Art Sat. Who's going?
  172. New drawings posted here
  173. The magnificent @mollycrabapple (founder of Dr Sketchy's) interviews me in ChinaShop
  174. I will be signing at HEROES convention in Charlotte, NC. THIS weekend. Who's going?
  175. aaaaand some new drawings here...
  176. And some new drawings, painting steps, pics.... (Psylocke / 5 Ronin)
  177. Some new prelim drawings posted here with other work
  178. Photo w Gene Colan in Chicago. A kind man and a wonderful artist. You will be missed.
  179. ThisHardcover Reflections Art Book is still available to reorder (320p) link/info/pic
  180. Just finished this piece of Kabuki jamming as her half of the band of her & MC SQUARE
  181. At San Diego Comicon, I am at booth #2729 IMAGE Comics. (same as last several yrs)
  182. post of someone who just discovered my work for the first time at a shop in Sweden
  183. This review of my Art Book (320p) has some great photos & a little video of the pages
  184. Can anyone tell me the best way to order this book to Ecuador? bit.ly/nvvaBF
  185. Added 2 TRICKSTER images I did for the TRICKSTER events in San Diego next week.
  186. Will have this ART BOOK HARDCOVER available at San Diego next week. At my table #2729
  187. New Kabuki drawing. And pics of stages of pencils & inks.
  188. Los Angeles Signing Monday. Golden Apple. I'll be there w actor Thomas Jane. Info...
  189. San Diego. Immediately went to TRICKSTER where did life drawing w iScott Morse
  190. Happy I got to meet you at DragonCon
  191. David drew Rachel Summers for me
  192. DC Work
  193. [HELP!] Does anyone know if this forum is still current?
  194. Sorry I missed C2E2 this year!
  195. Quicky question, Dave!
  196. [science] Buy it now:Brand new Unlocked Apple iphone 5s 32gb...$500
  197. DAVID MACK | MUSE: Life Drawings 2012-2014 Kickstarter Campaign
  198. Daredevil/Echo: Vision Quest